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Best Way to Ship A Desktop Computer

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A computer tower that is about to be shipped.

A desktop computer is one of the most popular choices for a simple and traditional computer setup, but with this simplicity comes the complexity in shipping.

Its various accessories make it a bit of a challenge to pack for shipping to any preferred location. Still, knowledge is power, and this article contains easy steps to help you pack your desktop computer for shipping. 

Before you roll up your sleeves and open your boxes to start packing, ensure that all the necessary materials are available to avoid frequent visits to the market to get them when there’s a work in progress. Now, let’s get down to business:

Step 1:

  • Unplug your computer accessories such as the mouse, keyboard, computer monitor, and other cables from the desktop tower.
  • Carefully pack the mouse, keyboard, and other cables and wrap them with plastic. You can put them in a plastic bag or any other wrapping that you prefer. Please place them in a box and identify them with a sticky paper that outlines the box’s contents. ( do the same for every other box)

Step 2:

  • The next device that you should be well packaged for proper shipping is the computer monitor. This fragile device requires the utmost attention to detail when packing it to protect it from getting damages caused by transit drop, and pressure.
  • To safely pack your computer, carefully wrap it with plastic and place it in a box that is 3” wider than the monitor size.  Fill the spaces with anti-static packing peanuts or any other preferred cushioning but ensure that it is not too tight to avoid mounting pressure on the monitor. Seal the box with packing tape and identify the contents with sticky paper.

Step 3:

  • Repeat the above process with the desktop tower and identify the contents with a sticky paper. You can also choose to disassemble the computer tower, but this is only advisable if you can assemble it yourself.

Step 4

  • After packing the monitor, tower, and other computer devices in separate boxes that have been properly identified, neatly arrange all the boxes in a larger shipping box. Place the box that contains the desktop tower at the bottom of the box and arrange the rest as deemed fit, but ensure that you do not mount pressure on the monitor.

step 5:

  • Seal the shipping box twice with packing tape and attach a sticky paper containing your shipping information and other relevant data as requested by the shipping company you want to patronize.


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