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Desks for Triple Monitors

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A 3 monitor desk setup is an end game situation for a lot of computer enthusiasts. However, finding the right desk to fit them all can be a challenge.

When you start looking at good desks for 3 monitors, there are two things that become an issue:

  1. Space.
  2. Weight.

You don’t want to be cramped, and you certainly don’t want a shaky desk.

Editors’s Note: I currently use a version of this desk with triple monitors, but it is not in this list.

Our Recommendations for the Best Triple Monitor Desk

If you want to cut straight to the chase, here is a comparison of what we consider to be the top options when it comes to buying the Best Triple Monitor Desk.

*Note: These desks are listed because of their length, be sure to check out other good desks as they can also work.

The Corner / L-Shaped Desk Option

This type of desk will sit nicely tucked into the corner of the room if you are low on space, while still giving you 3 monitor glory. You can also float half of it against the wall and divide the room, also giving yourself more privacy in the process.

Not just any L Shaped desk will do though. Some are made to sit in the corner, and some are not. Most product photos will show you the intended use cases, so there won’t be too much confusion about it, but you still need to be mindful of it.

Realspace Magellan L-Desk with Photoshoped Triple Monitors

In this triple monitor corner desk setup you are going to have one monitor in the very corner, and your two other monitors on each side. Pretty straight forward. Above is a great example of what this might look like.

Check out the Realspace Magellan L-Desk on Amazon.

The Long Desk Option

This is probably the most popular option of the bunch as it can often be an existing option for people.

Are you ready for it?!

Just get a really long desk. This life altering information is now yours.

In reality of course it can be hard to choose a simple long desk as there are  a million options and trying to figure out measurements over the internet can be a nightmare. You can also forget about trying to see how sturdy the desk is without seeing it in person.

An Ikea Long Desk

You just can’t talk about desk options without mentioning Ikea. Their affordably priced desks and sleek designs have won over many hearts throughout the world.

On a personal note my wife uses the MICKE desk from Ikea and loves it. It is sturdy, had plenty of drawer space and looks nice and clean in our office. However, we do not use triple monitors with it. Lucky for you though, this guy does:

This is a still taken from: this guys video.

As you can see, the length of the desk at 55 7/8″ these 24″ monitors barely fit. Sure a little screen over hang is not bad, and you could even go smaller with a mount, but remember, this is the long desk option.

So depending on the style desk you get from Ikea, they can be a solid option.

Check out the Ikea Linnmon / Adil in Black on Amazon.

The Triple Monitor Mount Option

This option is probably the second easiest to go for. You can get either a clamp or stand style mount. The clamp going on the edge of your desk and tightening up under it to keep it stable, and the stand sitting on top. I personally have the clamp style and it gets out of the way nicely.

This is what the clamp attachment looks like up close on the desktop.

Do not that both of these options are probably going to need a solid desk under them to keep from transferring any shakiness from the desk. With my desk and clamp style mount I do not have any shaking on my monitors.

My triple monitor setup in PLP style.

Check out this Triple Monitor Desk Clamp on Amazon.

In Conclusion

There are a few options to go with for getting those delicious desks for 3 monitors. It could be a new L-Shaped / Corner desk, a Long Desk, or even something with a Triple Monitor Mount. No matter what you choose, having triple monitors is undoubtedly awesome. If you think I missed any good options, you can keep searching on Amazon.

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