The Best Super Cheap Computer Desks

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If you are like me, then saving a buck is earning a buck. These inexpensive (a.k.a. cheap) computer desks can help you save some cash when it comes to building an epic computer station, and maybe put that money toward a monitor upgrade instead!

Pros and Cons of a Cheap Desk for your Computer:


  • Less money need to finish the computer station
  • Can spend more on computer hardware
  • Upgrading later is an option


  • Can break easier
  • Might not last as long
  • Not as many styles to choose from

If you are looking for other desks, check out the desk overview page.

Here I have listed out some of the cheapest desks I could find online. When I say cheap, I mean as low as it goes. This ain’t your Grandpa’s solid oak desk here, make no mistake about that.

Cheap Home Office Computer Desks

This bad boy is certainly a cheap, buy stylish, modern desk. The image shows a laptop on the desk to give you a good idea of what using it would be like. You might get away with something like this if you are going to mount your monitor on a wall and only use the desk for a mouse and keyboard

This desk has a decent size to it and would fit well in any modern “Fixer Upper” styled space. Measuring 47.5″ wide and 23.5″ deep, this desk can fit a regular computer comfortably.

This simple styled desk will actually fit many different home styles, while still looking like a quality piece of furniture. Not a lot of places to hide cables, but with some good old fashioned able management you should be good to go.

Cheap PC Gaming Desks

Probably the most popular cheap gaming desk, this thing has all the bells and whistles too. At least that is what my grandpa told me. Cup holders, CD tray thingy, and a place to hang your headphones. What more could you want?

Maybe you want something a bit simpler for your gaming life? Well this desk should do the trick. The features are minimal, but it has a nice clean ascetic with some cool drop down bar design on the legs of the desk

It may not appear gamery at first glance, but this could really show off some cool hardware along with some POP figures or whatever floats your boat. I can also picture keeping some quick reference sheets in the storage right under desk desk.

Cheap Corner & L-Shaped Desks

This desk has a nice sleek glass top and cool looking metal legs for support. This would fit most work stations or battle stations. It also has a keyboard tray which can be very handy.

If a wood corner desk is more your thing, then this one should do the trick nicely. There is nothing fancy about the storage or legs on this one, just a nice and simple modern wood desk.

This desk fits nicely in the corner, but also gives you some storage space as well. The nice dark ‘espresso’ finish can match a lot of different styles so you can get your computer station up and running.


Hopefully you have found some of these options helpful on your quest for the perfect computer station. If not you can find some that I didn’t include here by going to Amazon and searching for cheap computer desk.