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You want a desk from the future? Well you are in for a rude awakening.

While these desks are not floating like a hoverboard, they are floating in the sense that they are attached to the wall. Still cool.

The only rule here is that they can’t touch the ground! If you aren’t sold on a floating desk quite yet, be sure to check out other desks types.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Floating Computer Desk


Why Floating Desks? 

Why would you want a floating desk vs. a typical desk? There are many different reasons. For starters, space. A floating desk, or wall-mounted desk, allows for more space both visually and logistically.

When your desk is mounted on the wall, you have more space to use the rest of the room. Visually, when you look at a room, a floating desk can help free up visual space and make the room appear larger and more inviting.

This is perfect for small house living or rooms that serve more than one purpose, such as a guest room or family room. 

Another reason someone might jump on the floating desk bandwagon is the ability to customize! A floating desk usually allows the owner to mount it at different heights. This is perfect for those who would prefer a standing posture over a sitting one. It also makes room for all different chairs.

Want to write on your blog on a barstool? Mount a floating desk. Want to be able to walk around your customized camper and also use your PC as a TV? Buy a mountable desk. Other reasons you may want to try a mounted desk is the desire to add a hutch above or beside.

Instead of being stuck with a one-size-fits-all desk, a floating desk opens up your world to many possibilities. 

Did we mention they can also be a bit easier on the wallet? 

Stylish Floating Desks

If style is what you are going for, then these desks might be the cream of the crop. These could look good in many different types of rooms.

Prepac – Floating Desk with Storage

Nice clean white finish with some tiny little bookshelves on each side and a large one on top.

The space in the middle could allow for a wide monitor, but as you see in the picture this might be best suited for laptops.

Nice clean white finish with some tiny little bookshelves on each side and a large one on top.

This Prepac Floating Desk would match many different room styles. 

The space in the middle could allow for a wide monitor, but as you see in the picture this might be best suited for laptops. 

Cable and wire management features allow the look to be streamlined and the shelves can be adjusted to preference. 

It white isn’t your thing, you can buy it in Espresso or Sleek Black. 

Southern Enterprises – Simon Floating Wall Mount Desk

This desk with modern white textures can stand on its own in a room. The two pull out drawers and keyboard tray help prop it up as a one of a kind piece of furniture.

Want to add a unique chair? Go for it. With the simplicity of this stylish floating desk you can get away with a brightly colored mid century modern chair. 

The all-in-one iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse is a great option to use to keep the clean ascetic, with only the power cord running down the wall to the outlet.

Other things that are bueno about this desk? You can set it up for sitting or standing. Win win.

Prepac – Designer Floating Desk And Hutch

With hard line edges and boxed shapes, this is a modern floating desk if I have ever seen one.

The dark tan / brown color is nice and warm. Calming for those long hours working, or at least pretending to.

This desk is probably best suited for a laptop as there does not appear to be a great way to route cables here. 

The cabinets on the top hutch make it easy to stash away mess and the exposed shelves are perfect for your favorite collectibles. An easy way to make this your own, consider hanging a monthly calendar, white board, or pin board between the two pieces to inspire you.

Southern Enterprises – Corner Wall Mount Desk

Want a corner desk that also floats?! Look no further my friend.

Getting the desk up off the ground the and in corner opens it up more visually, making the most of your space.

Two open shelves make it a great desk to organize files or afternoon snacks. 

This corner desk can go anywhere. The cord management outlet makes it easy to hide your cords. 

Do note this seems best suited for small laptop workstations.

Compact Fold-Away Floating Desks

Are they the prettiest things we’ve ever laid eyes on in a space? No. 

Do they get the job done and can they easily be put away. Yes and yes.

These get the job done plain and simple.

HOMCOM – Compact Fold Out Wall Mounted Convertible Desk

This desk can fold away and hide when it is not in use – obviously.

Best money you can spend though if you need a place to work hard … then need a place to play hard.

Blog and get work done, then fold it up and play a game of living room hockey. 

This would be perfect for a tiny apartment, or even your veggie oil powered bus… if you are into that.

Along with a nice work table, you’re also able to organize office items such as pens, books, staplers, and more. 

TANGKULA – Multi-Function Wall Mount Laptop Desk

This is another nice desk that can blend into many types of styles. 

Mount it with other shelves to help it blend into your decor when not in use. 

Simple and to the point, yet it can still hide all your paperwork and clutter when guests come over.

The drawer also has a fun gold accent. You can access this storage when it’s up and out of the way. Perfect for remotes or pens. 

You may also be able to hide the fact that you still love to play Toon Town on private servers.

GLS – Wall Mounted Floating Fold up Convertible Writing Desk

Ok so this one might still count as stylish. It certainly has a rustic look going which is warm and inviting.

You don’t have to live forever alone with room for another chair on the opposite side, for your S.O. or your cat. 

That being said it still folds up though and gets out of the way.

You can also eat food on it, apparently.


These desks are great for saving space or simply just looking great. There are several options here, and I choose to leave off some of the more medial oriented options as well.

If you are into that sort of thing for some reason, let me know and I’ll hook you up with another post. In the meantime, check out other types of computer desks.


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