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How to reduce keypad light noise when recording

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If there’s one thing we all enjoy when recording our live sessions or doing those mouth-watering reviews on YouTube. Maybe having a presentation on skype with the team or an interview is a seamless recording experience. 

The noise from the keypad light can spoil a good day and this is not a thing you seek to encounter. The goal is to ensure your words go out undeterred and your communication is as smooth as possible. The problem can be much more disturbing when you are doing your voiceovers where you are expected to be clear and lucid as you can. 

If you have encountered this issue, then we have goodness for you; there are ways you can easily turn off the sound of the keypad light and enjoy your voice-over and live recordings with ease. 

In this article, we will look at 6 ways to reduce your keypad noise when typing. 

So let’s get started!

6 ways to reduce your keypad light noise when recording

1. Buy a silent keypad:

A silent typing experience is what you desire and a silent keypad is your number one alternative to achieving this great goal. There are a lot of brands you can choose from in the market today, as the competition for silent keypads gets higher. This competition has seen a ton of innovation going into how the keypads look and function. 

If you are a gamer or one with a passion for beautiful things around your corner, the RGB silent keypads will be your best buy.  These keypads come with such a unique aesthetic balance that will surely blow your mind. 

Ensure the keypad are truly silent, by testing them to confirm they are fit for purpose. If you settle here, then you are off the list for solutions. If you want to try other options,  you are welcome to look at our second option and the other ways to turn off the noise of your keypad light. 

2. 0-Rings 

If it cost so much money to get a silent keypad then 0-rings is your next most unique option to try in your bid to silence your keypad light noise. So how does it work? 

To use this method you will need to buy 0-rings, and then remove the keycaps on your keypad. Place the 0-rings, under each keycap and you are on your way to a seamless recording experience without glitches of any kind. 

You can easily browse through Amazon for a list of quality 0-rings to buy, ensure you read through users’ reviews to settle for the best in the market. Getting 0-rings is way cheaper than buying a new keypad, so here’s a choice that works with less capital. 

3. Dampen your keypad noise using discord

You surely must have heard about the discord software, as it is fast becoming the home of most developers and programmers alike. If you haven’t heard of the software, then you are not alone, we have the answers to how it works right here at your fingertips. 

Discord software allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone, and this is the feature that strikes the balance for us. To achieve your goals with the software, you will need to install and run it on your computer. When installed head over to the voice and video “input sensitivity” window, and move it back and forth until you are not able to hear the noise again from the keypad. 

It is this simple, and cheap alternative to going with. 

4. Keep some distance from your keypad when recording

Now we have the option that doesn’t take money off your pocket, a fine choice if you are on a budget. 

When it comes to our gadgets, saving money on them is often better than throwing away any, so who doesn’t love saving some bills? To achieve the best results with this option, it is advised that you stay some distance away from your keypad while you are recording. 

A unidirectional microphone will work the magic here, as it will guarantee that you are not picking any sounds from your keypad light. A 1.5 feet distance is best advised as it works just fine and for everything, you will want to achieve with it. 

So does this saves you some bucks? The answer is in the affirmative!

5. Use noise gate in audacity: 

Just like discord, audacity is another amazing program with proven results to back its functionality. To enjoy the unique offerings from this program, get it installed on your computer and head to the edit audio noise window. 

Use the noise gate filter in audacity to remove unwanted keypad noise, you can also mute your microphone when the sound dips get below a certain threshold. This is a one-stop option that works with great ease. 

6. Configure microphone settings:

This is another effective option to reduce the sound of your keypad light noise. Begin by checking the settings and adjusting them to medium. You can do this effectively using software like medium to high-end which will enable you the full configuration features of your microphone. 

You can also use the sound setting in windows or mac to adjust your microphone. 


We have outlined 6 fantastic ways to reduce the sound of your keypad lights. While you will need to part with some bucks to try some options on the list, most of them are free to use and works as great as the paid options.

Regardless of the option you settle with, you will always end up with a solution when you check our site that works the magic and this is just what you want.


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