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List of PS4 Games that support A Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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PlayStation 4 is a gaming console that Sony Computer Entertainment develops as a gaming platform with many features where users can connect to the virtual world to play entertaining games. It also includes a multiplayer computer gaming feature that allows users to play games online with friends and other users on the platform.

Its operating system functions on a PlayStation 4 system software that introduces the user to multiple entertaining games. The games on PlayStation 4 ( also known as PS4) are played on a gaming controller but do you know that a gaming keyboard and mouse support PS4 games?

Playing games with a gaming keyboard and mouse has a unique thrill and unmatched excitement, plus it is super easy, unlike using the controller. Not all the games available on PS4 support a gaming keyboard and mouse functionality but hey, buddy.

I bring you all the games on PS4 that support a gaming keyboard and mouse feature. Yeah, they are equally as exciting and entertaining as when you were playing with a controller.

List Of All The Games On PS4 That Supports A Gaming Keyboard, And Mouse


Assassin’s Creed 

Action Adventure PS4 Game That Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

This game addresses the struggle between the Assassins and the Templars in different series that borders on historical and science fiction through the fictional characters in the game. Its plot borders on playing the lead character in raids against Saxon troops, fortresses, and a diverse collection of enemies available on the game.

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Over watch

Team-Based Multiplayer PS4 Game That Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

This game has over forty million players and it has an interesting plot that focuses on different series where the players are expected to play different fictional characters and their roles. Players are allowed to change their heroes on the fly along the course of the battle. Its storyline inoculates good morals such as teamwork and leadership in the player. 

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Survival PS4 GameThat Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Play with up to sixty players on a single server as you search for food, water, medicine weapons, and other necessities that are needed to survive in a society where most of the inhabitants are infected with a virus. 

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They are Billions

Real-time strategy PS4 Game That Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

This is a real-time strategy game in which the players are expected to survive the growing virus that has affected a lot of people. 

The player’s goal is to build a base with a good layout and excellent defense mechanism to protect himself while fighting zombies and trying to annihilate the remaining humans.

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Final Fantasy XIV

Action Based PS4 Game That Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

 This game is the complete edition of all the series of Final Fantasy XIV. It has over one million players from around the world that you can compete with and it also has a thirty-day free trial that can only be applied once to each platform on a single service account 

Players are allowed to create and customize their characters in the games including name, gender, facial features, and a game server for the characters to thrive on. 

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Call of Duty

First Person Shooter PS4 Game That Supports Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game whose plot focuses mostly on war scenes. The series of call of duty games supported on keyboard and WhatsApp includes modern warfare and a war zone. Its storyline borders on war scenes in the past, future, and outer space.  The players’ actions determine their survival, which is why they must be fast and accurate in their moves. 

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