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How about you just roll that computer over here and type that in my face?

Ok, cheesy intro lines aside, a rolling computer desk is pretty awesome for a lot of different situations. Do note that these are just types of Rolling Desks, we like all other types of computer desks too!

Once you fall down the rabbit hole of computer desks, you realize within categories are even more categories and so on. Under the rolling desk umbrella, there are plenty of options to explore and use. Whether you’re needing your desk to enjoy at home or at the office, you’ll see this list and confirm we’re on a roll in listing the top ones off.

Our Top 3 Picks for The Best Roll Around Computer Desk


Regular Rolling Desks

If there is such a thing as a regular desk with wheels, then these are it. You can move them around to wherever you like, park them, and usually lock the wheels. Boom, you have a computer desk that moves easily. You little hacker you.

There are a surprising amount of desks that have wheels for you to choose from. I personally was not expecting to find as many as I have while writing this.

Paormeey – Mobile Workstation

 Although we classified it as a regular rolling desk, it is not the regular type of rolling desk that you’re used to. The Poarmeey rolling desk is a folding computer desk that requires zero sweat at assembling and can be easily mounted in small spaces while functioning as a mobile computer desk.

It is made of medium-density fibreboard, straight seam welded pipe, and metal that gives it a sturdy and elegant appearance, that is anti-scratch, waterproof, and easy to clean. It has a height of 31.1” and a width of 17.8”  which provides ample space for computer monitors, printers, and other things that weigh 20lbs

Its mobile feature is enabled by four nylon ABS wheels with locking brakes that leave no scratch on the floor when they are rolled. The feet of this rolling desk can also be easily adjusted by hand to ensure stability even on uneven ground, plus it has enough room to support leg movement while working.

The Poarmeey rolling desk has a 30-day money-back guarantee regardless of the reasons and a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

Delman- Modern Wood and Metal Foldable Rolling Desk with Shelves

This desk is very a very stylish foldable computer desk. Having guests over with kids who get into everything? Well just fold this desk and convert it to a coffee table, an activity table, or even a dining table.

It has a measurement of 42” in length and 18.5” in length after it has been folded. It has a wooden surface and metal legs that gives it a modern look and a strong load capacity.

It also has two shelves that can be used for keeping books and office supplies in an organized manner. The shelves are positioned in a way that still provides leg space for comfort while working.

Its rolling feature is enabled by four multi-surface rolling casters that roll easily and can also be locked to provide sturdiness. It comes with an instruction manual that makes assembling very easy, plus it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


Sit to Stand Rolling Desks

As the name of this section indicates, these are desks that also allow you to sit or stand at them. This is great if you need to move your desktop around a lot in a work environment.

Standing desks have got amazing benefits but sometimes, you just want to grab a chair to rest your back while you work. Well, these rolling desk has got both features that make it versatile as a standing desk, a projector stand, and a sit-at desk both for office and home. Sit-stand desks provide the ideal ergonomic workspace, by allowing you to choose whether to sit or stand as you work

You can find all sorts of options in this category as well. I guess people really need to move around at work these days? Here is one that is well suited for getting a small mobile work space with a laptop.

Tech Orbits WS-T01- Mobile Sit-to-Stand Desk with Wheels

Sturdy, and compact-sized, the Tech Orbit WS – T01 is constructed with the best of steel, plastic, and melamine particle that makes it a great mobile workstation for your office. Its narrow height can be adjusted from 31.9” to 49.2”, plus it comes with knobs that can be locked at each height for stability and sturdiness while you work.  There’s no argument that this rolling desk has got a small width of 27.8” but this can hold a computer, or pretty much whatever that needs to stay on it.

Moreover, What this desk lacks in width, it makes up for it with four shelves that are built with durable and sturdy materials to support a weight capacity of up to 33lbs. So it’s a win after all because you get a desk to work on, and a  mini-storage facility with caster wheels that offer ease of mobility and zero scratch on the floor, plus the wheels can be locked to prevent it from sliding off when it is being used.

AIZ Sit-to-Stand Height Adjustable Desk

This desk is an ideal style for a sit-stand desk that can be used both at home and at the office.  It has a very simple, but elegant appearance that easily makes it one of the most attractive piece of furniture in an office ( it’s a desk after all, and what other furniture should be more aesthetically pleasing than your altar of productivity)

The AIZ rolling desk is constructed with sturdy metal, chipboard, and wood-graincoatingthat makes it wear and water-resistant, hence its durability. Its desk surface is 31.5” x 19.7” wide and can accommodate several materials to help you accomplish a task at work.

Its stand-sit feature is enabled by its height that can be adjusted from 29” to 47”  and it can be locked at any preferred height to suit the chair and provide a comfortable working position.

Its mobile feature is enabled by four nylon wheels with a 360-degree rotation of which two are built with brakes to enable it to stop or slow down easily when in motion.

This desk is large enough to hold computer monitors, printers, stationeries, and any equipment that has a weight capacity of 80lbs. It is anti-scratch, easy to clean, and very sturdy even when it is in motion.

Standing Only Rolling Desks

If you never sit down then you may opt for a rolling desk that does not let you. I suppose you could also view these as a more temporary place to set your stuff down to work for a short time.

This option for a small computer stand on wheels will definitely lend itself to the idea of only standing at it temporarily.

Another option here could be called a Rolling Podium or Rolling Lectern. Not the first thing that comes to mind for a roll around computer stand, but it does many of the same things that a desk would.

Flash Furniture – Mobile Laptop Computer Desk

This little number is affordable and gets the job done. It’s a simple, no-fuss desk. It comes only in black and doesn’t have space for a keyboard for a PC. It’s only really for a laptop. 

The half-moon shape and black laminate make it easy to use for a laptop and/or a notebook and pens. 

Although we would think this wasn’t an extremely popular option, over 300 peeps on Amazon give it high reviews.

Mount it – Standing Desk


Mount-it is at it again with this rolling standing desk that can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly via a locking rotary knob from a height of 37.5” to a height of 53.75” with 11 locking intervals till a comfortable sitting and standing working position are achieved.

Its construction materials are a combination of steel, plastic, particleboard, and melamine which makes it durable, elegant, anti-scratch, and easy to clean.

It has a platform for placing a computer and three shelvesthat can hold a weight load of 33lbs each, while the desk itself can hold a weight of 132lbs.  The top shelf is convenient for placing a keyboard, the middle shelf is designed to conveniently hold stationery and other items to give your desk an organized look. The third shelf which is built a bit lower than the other two shelves is convenient for holding gadgets such as a CPU, a computer tower, or even a printer that weighs less than 33 pounds.

The compact design and the easy-roll caster wheels with two locking brakes of this standing desk make it a functional space-saving standing desk/workstation.


If you are looking for a rolling computer stand complete workstation on wheels then I hope you found what you came for (If not, feel free to continue your search on Amazon). These options are  all somewhat lacking in features, but I would consider that to be a good thing. I picture most use cases for these to not need much fluff. If I am wrong though, please let me know!


Dustin Montgomery

I am the main man behind the scenes here. I have been building computers for over 15 years, and sitting at them for even longer. I currently work from home where I am able to pursue the art of the perfect workstation by day and the most epic battlestation by night.

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