Best Computer Cleaning Kits

For your computer to truly last long, you have to maintain it. In other words, the longevity of your laptop may depend on your ability to maintain it. This is to say that you have to regularly clean your computer to keep it running at full capacity for long. Laptops easily accumulate dust, dirt, grimes, […]

Best Compressed Air Duster For Computers

While there are a handful of options for cleaning our computers, many of them are pretty pricey, which has made you keep brushing away the thought of cleaning your computer. Does that mean you have to continue tolerating the dirt and debris that have accumulated in your computer? Of course not, especially if you have […]

Best Computer Dust Cleaner

Constant use of any device will make it dirty, and your computer and computer desk are not excluded from this truth. Many things can make it dirty, but the most common is dust, and the presence of dust makes the computer untidy and can cause it to malfunction. Apart from the untidy appearance caused by […]

Best Computer Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

If you can’t keep your hands away from food or snacks while you’re working on your keyboard, then you should flatter your keyboard with a vacuum cleaner.  You might not fall into this category of people, but you’ll agree with me that dust, debris, and particles from God knows where has a way of making […]

Best Computer Monitor Cleaner

Do you know that your computer monitor screen is at the receiving end of almost everything that you touch? Frequent contact with your monitor can lead to an unhealthy accumulation of dirt, smudge, smear, dust, and sticky fingerprints As a result, your computer monitor looks dirty and hinders clear visibility of images. Hence, it’s recommended that […]

How To Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

A lot of times, we pay scant attention to the most important input device that holds our productivity in its hands; our keyboard. What’s worse is the fact that it is a mechanical keyboard. I must confess that most time the way it is treated makes me want to be a “mechanical keyboard rights activist”! […]