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Best Compressed Air Duster For Computers

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While there are a handful of options for cleaning our computers, many of them are pretty pricey, which has made you keep brushing away the thought of cleaning your computer.

Does that mean you have to continue tolerating the dirt and debris that have accumulated in your computer? Of course not, especially if you have a viable option in the form of compressed air to clean your computer.

Compressed air is economical, versatile, and more efficient than you think. They are great for cleaning computers, automobiles, and other devices. They are also great for cleaning your keyboard specifically. Contrary to what you must have heard, compressed air is highly efficient and safe for cleaning your computer. They are reliable and available in different forms, making them a handy option for cleaning your computer at any point in time. 

They clean dust and get rid of unwanted particles from the computer to promote a good working condition while giving it a neat and presentable appearance.

To be sure that you’re purchasing the best-compressed air for your computer, you should use this article that contains the best three compressed air for computers as a guide while trying to make a purchase decision.

The selected brands are reliable for use on computers and they function in different modes which makes the list adaptable to different conditions.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Compressed Air For Computers



Battery operated Air Duster For Computers

The Koonie compressed air duster functions with a rechargeable air duster that provides power for it to run for long hours while it actively wipes away dust from your computer, automobiles, interiors, blinds, electronics,  cameras, mirrors, narrow corners, medical equipment, display in retail stores, complex circuit boards.

Apart from being a compressed air duster, it is packed with other features that make it suitable for cleaning dry and wet surfaces, drying spills on your computer, and generally keeping your computer and keyboards clean.

The compressed air is released through a removable nozzle that releases air at a capacity of 33000 rpm to effectively clean the computer and remove dust and other particles that could cause it to malfunction. 

It runs for over thirty minutes on a single charge. Its air is rid of chemicals, making it an eco-friendly choice for cleaning rooms without damaging solid-state electronic components and integrated circuits.

Pros and cons


  • It has a removable nozzle.
  • It uses a 33000 rpm capacity to release air. 
  • It is powered for thirty minutes.


  • It does not use a USB-C charging port.
  • Slow charging.

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Dust off falcon

Disposable Air Duster For Computers

If you still like the feeling attached to working with air cans, then I’m sure you’ll love this disposable compressed air can that is suitable for cleaning your computers without leaving any trace of unwanted substance that could impede its performance.

The falcon dust-off compressed air has a lock that keeps the air in, and it can be easily unlocked by turning it before using it on your computer.  It is large and comes in pairs of three, making it an economical option for removing dust from computers. 

The major feature that makes this compressed air duster the preferred choice for cleaning a computer is that the user gets to regulate the air pressure being used while cleaning the computer. 

While it is manually operated, it is easy to use and suitable for use in workstations, labs, repair benches, on-location photography, household use, and on devices such as computer screens, keyboards, printers, computer towers, scanners, compact discs, audio equipment, cameras, lenses, enlarged, copiers, fax machines, video equipment, sewing machines, electric razor, microscopes, binoculars, and other devices that are prone to be plagued by dust. 

Pros and cons


  • It comes in pairs of three.
  • It is manually operated.
  • It has a lock that releases air only when triggered.


  • It can only be manually operated.
  • It does not have additional features.

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Electric Air Duster For Computer

This compressed-air duster has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for cleaning in either the manual mode for exact dust cleaning or the auto mode that allows the duster to work continuously for a thorough cleaning effect on your computer. Each mode can easily be activated at the touch of a single button with slight differences in its mode of activation.

Its cleaning capacity is enabled by the air pressure of 33000 rpm released through a thin and long removable nozzle that makes it easy to clean narrow corners that are ordinarily inaccessible. 

Its functionality is supported by a 6000mah rechargeable battery that allows it to run for thirty minutes on a single charge. When the battery is low, an indicator light flashes at regular intervals to remind the need to charge it with its forty inches cable.

Pros and cons


  • It can be used in manual and automatic mode.
  • It has a removable nozzle.
  • It lasts up to thirty minutes on a single charge.


  • It doesn’t charge fast.
  • The batteries are not included.

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If you’re still indecisive on whether or not you should use compressed air for cleaning your computer, you shouldn’t be especially if you have access to the best three compressed air dusters that have been tested and trusted for effectively cleaning a computer. However, if you still want to check for more options, you should do so on


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