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Best USB Microphone For Gaming

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A great microphone will allow you to live in the moment, and send clear sound and instructions to your computer gaming partners. This is important for the gamer, and the content creator who will want to have his voice heard in the background.

You will need to sound authoritative when you are giving this information and importantly since there is the information’s to be used immediately. The mic must be lucid, and clear enough for the next party to easily decipher them and use them for the purpose you are pushing it out.

These microphones, although selected for gaming, are amazingly great at other things, just like the ones I have mentioned here.

Out list of top three microphones ticks off all the boxes on what a gaming microphone should be, one of those things you should look out for in a gaming computer is the polar pattern. A good microphone should have a great polar pattern to give you clear and unrestricted sound.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Microphone For Gaming


Hyper X Quadcast

Easy Control Microphone For Gaming

The Hyper X is one of the greats in this business and when it comes to seasoned, crisp clear sounds, this microphone is one real option you can try and it comes with a perfect offering that justifies its brand name.

With this microphone, you get a sample rate of 48KHZ, and an amazing bit rate of 16bit, the frequency response is great as well. A 20Hz-20 KHz is a massive offering for everything you will be doing on the microphone and the quality of sound, the microphone will be throwing out there.

A massive four polar patterns exist on this microphone, starting with Cardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo, and Omnidirectional. Leaving you with a massive machine, that picks your voice and sends it out, without attaching background noise and others that are regular with other microphones of this kind.

A massive 9.8(3m) long cable will keep you away from the screen and of course blue lights and guarantee your smooth workflow, you can easily lay in bed while you threw in, those great commands to your gaming partners and into the gaming environment. The controls are excellent as well; tapping the top mutes the microphone instantly.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy controls
  • 4 polar patterns
  • Amazing clarity


  • Cost
  • Type-A USB

Check it out on Amazon

Blue Yeti USB

Stable Stand Microphone For Gaming

If you intend gaming and streaming all at the same time, this microphone is a massive delight. A sample rate of 44 kHz, gives you the balance you require when carrying out two extensive tasks of this kind at the same time.

The bit rate is also great, offering 20Hz-20KHZ allowing the free and unrestricted flow of sound, while background noise and all of its kind are relegated completely.

You get over four polar patterns on this computer, from Cardioid to Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, and Stereo. This combination will ensure it is your voice alone that is heard by your receiver and nothing less.

The cable length is also great, working at 3.3feet (1m), while you are connected to your computer using the type A USB option. This microphone is amazing for streaming on twitch, and for podcasting, just in the event where you opt to feed your passion.

Pros And Cons


  • 4 polar patterns
  • Crystal clear sounds
  • Stable stand


  • Short cable length
  • Type A

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Elgato Wave:3

Portable Microphone For Gaming

There is no way we will be ending this review with the wave:3 from Elgato, an amazing piece of computer accessory that cannot be left out. This microphone comes with a sample rate of 90 kHz, an amazing delight for everyone looking for that perfect pick for the gaming environment.

The bit rate is equally impressive with 24bits, while the frequency response of 70Hz-20Hz, ticks off the boxes on what a great microphone should have in stock. We are not done yet, not yet.

A single polar pattern is no good deal if you ask me, yet this is what is obtainable on this great computing accessory. With only the Cardioid available for use, the cable length is great at 8.2feet (2.5m). You have connected via the type A port for your USB.

This microphone offers great support for your twitch streaming, and YouTube, while you get massive support for your gaming operations.

Pros And Cons


  • Built-in pop shield
  • 70Hz frequency response
  • Portable


  • Single polar pattern
  • Cost

Check it out on Amazon


The Hyper X Quadcast is our all-rounder for the best microphone for gaming and this owns to the features of this microphone. The four polar pattern support, a great sample rate, and bit rate.

A dedicated USB mic is what you need; this is your answer to the silent question of what will work for you and how it will work. An important thing that happened with the stay-at-home directives and the Covid-19 is that it forced people to discover their true talents.

Besides, if you are interested in turning your hobby into podcasting or voice over for seasoned games, or maybe you just want to record and see how great your voice sounds.

The sound output on this microphone is also a massive delight, and great for everything you would want to do on your computer, from gaming to streaming on your favorite channels and others.

You can check for other great options, available on Amazon.

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