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Best Microphone For Video Conferencing

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If there is one thing Covid-19 has left in the hearts of everyone is the truth that we must not stay in the same environment or seat in a conference room together before we can reach decisions that will affect our organizations.

Whether on your computer for your meeting on Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams, Zoho meetings, Skype. Just name it, wherever it is happening, you should be audible and be in control.

Our top three picks of best microphone for video conferencing covers all of this and many more; we have the best Microphones packed for you and your benefit alone. We are concerned about how you sound and the quality of the sound at your conferences, so do it great with these microphones.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Microphones For Video Conferencing


Blue Yeti USB Condenser Microphone

Crisp Clear Sound Microphone For Video Conferencing

Blue Yeti, is a brand name in the Microphone industry, they have built high-quality microphones that have all stood the test of time. The industry beauty has invested so much quality and personnel into what they do and it shows in every brand of microphone, you pick from them.

With 3 condenser capsules and 4 polar, you are guaranteed the best performance in your video conferencing and this is superb. The sound quality is sublime and you get the best volume control as well as headphone output on this microphone.

The flagship product from Yeti leads the list on sites such as Amazon; there are more than enough positive ratings on the sound quality and efficiency of this microphone, termed the world’s best microphone for video conferencing.

Pros And Cons


  • Crisp clear sounds
  • 3 condenser capsules
  • 4 polar patterns


  • Price
  • USB connectivity only

Check it out on Amazon

Anker Power Conf S3 Bluetooth speaker

Microphone For Video Conferencing

Anker thought it twice and well before dropping this incredible microphone in the market, the flat nature of the microphone will leave you wondering just whom is it going to connect with.

Nevertheless, trust me, this microphone is a personal favorite of many, and this owns to the features it houses.

Suitable for the conference and video calls, this microphone will allow you to connect everyone in the room. Also, if it is a conference call for the members of the room it makes it a delight as you can easily move it around and pass it only to the person who is next in line.

It is battery-powered and has the Bluetooth feature, so you will not have to struggle connecting another wire to the computer and having it connected, as it demands other hardware.

Pros And Cons


  • Smart voice enhancement
  • Battery-powered
  • USB-C and Bluetooth enabled


  • Could be difficult to pick up sounds
  • Can easily suffer from falls

Check it out on Amazon

Elgato Wave Premium

Microphone For Video Conferencing

Wave is a fast-rising brand in the sound industry and their sound quality is amazingly good, clear, and lucid. The Elgato Wave Premium is one of those microphones that is known for its sound quality and great audio output, you get a completely different feel on this microphone.

The radio DJ-like aesthetic of the Elgato Wave Premium, adds more to the already elegant and adorable look that this microphone possesses.

You get great controls on this microphone and a beautiful long line of support features, irrespective of the interface you will be using for your next video conferencing, this microphone offers an adequate line of support that is amazing.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy plug and play
  • Great cardioid polar pattern
  • Anti-distortion technology


  • Cost
  • DJ like appearance

Check it out on Amazon


The flagship product from Yeti is our favorite pick for this category, with its amazing line of features. Amazing sound quality and great audio output quality make it the best in this category for video conferencing.

It further exposes the underlying truth that businesses can be done online and there are better ways to carry on the affairs of management, most of the companies that signed up virtual assistants during the heat of the virus are interestingly not stopping.

Therefore, what does all of these hold for the future? Video conference is our reality, and we must adapt to it before this change takes us unawares.

One of the ways you can live with this modern reality in harmony is getting yourself equipped, a good microphone is one, which will pay the biggest rewards.

Yes, I agree that most laptops come with built-in microphones and all you need is just to connect and get going. Background noise and echoes will be your next best friends when you appear at that all-important board meeting. A good microphone will conceal the noise and keep you afloat.

You have to appear authoritative and ready to win, this is the thing with having the right gadgets and accessories for every moment.

If you are on a budget and require something simpler, you can check the other products on the list or better still make a great choice on Amazon.

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