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Best Ikea Computer Desks

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Ikea is one of the leading multinational superstores that sells ready to assemble furniture and other useful goods that are needed at home and in the offices.

Their services are committed to providing you with the best available furniture to set up your office or home in any preferred style. They sell high-quality products that are durable and reliable and this makes them a highly recommended brand for office furniture such as a computer desk

Being a leading brand in office furniture, they’ll have many viable options to pick from, which can put you in a tight corner, especially if you do not have a guide, but not to worry.

I picked out the best three Ikea computer desks that are stylish, well-sized, durable, and provide reliable support for your office equipment. The desks are made from different materials that make them stylish and highly functional as a computer desk.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Ikea Computer Desks


Ikea VITTSJÖ Computer Desk

Glass Computer Desk

This Ikea desk glass desk is made of durable tempered glass, metal, and hard-wearing materials that provide an open and airy feeling as a stylish computer desk.

It measures 100cm in width, 36cm in-depth, and 74cm in height, with adjustable feet that make it sturdy even on uneven floors. Its width provides ample space for free movement of the legs when working and the placement of under desk ergonomic equipment to allow even circulation of blood to the kegs while working.

It has two sides, which are made of black-brown ( on one side) and black ( on the other side), and the combination of these two deep colors offers the flexibility of choosing the particular color that you like best to accentuate your office style. 

It has small storage built like a compact-sized drawer to store stationery and even a compact-sized computer. This extra storage is built into the computer desk to prevent clutter for a neat and well-organized computer desk. It also features some adhesive clips that help keep cords in place and out of sight for a clutter-less desk appeal.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made with tempered glass.
  • It can hold a maximum load weight of 25kg.
  • It has two sides that are made if different colors


  • It has only one storage space.
  • It is be easily assembled.

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Ikea Mickie Desk

Minimalistic Computer Desk

This desk has a simple and clean appeal that easily fits into any office set up and blends easily with other desks.  It has a finished back and easy-to-mount multi-directional legs that make it a very suitable choice for placing anywhere in your office. Its finished back also features a cable outlet designed to hide messy cables and keep sockets out of sight but at hand.  

It measures 75cm in height, 73cm in width, and 50cm in depth. Combining all these measurements makes it sturdy to hold a load of 25 kg even on an uneven surface.

Its drawers are large and widely built to hold stationery, computers, and other equipment or devices to aid your productivity in a work environment. The drawers are built with drawer stops that prevent the drawer from being out too far.

The desks and drawer units integrated into this computer desk are built with the same height measurement and this feature allows for its work surface to be easily extended by combining desks and draw units. 

Pros and Cons


  • Its drawer units can be extended to make the table wider.
  • It has a finished back.
  • It has a cable outlet


  • It is not wide.
  • It does not support free leg movement.

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Ikea Computer Desk

Multipurpose Computer Desk

Built to a traditionally styled office desk, this computer desk is made of fine high quality, and durable materials that make it versatile as a multipurpose deck used for other activities aside from being a computer desk.

Its top is made of fiberboard and acrylic paint that gives it a fine finishing that easily blends in with other office furniture. It is 23.5” wide, 29” tall, and 39” long, making it a suitable option for a computer desk that can easily fit into multiple offices.

Its frame is made of particleboard and ABS plastic, making it scratch resistant and highly effective for absorbing shock. Its four legs are made of steel and coated with polyester, while its feet are made with polypropylene. 

The table legs are adjustable and well apart from each other to provide ample space for easy and free leg movement and the storage and functioning of under desk ergonomic devices that promote blood circulation to the feet even during working and relaxing hours.

All these high-quality materials employed in this computer desk’s design and structure make it sturdy even on uneven surfaces while it holds a load capacity of 110 lbs. It is also available in different colors to fit your taste and style.

Pros and Cons


  • Its frame is made of ABS plastic.
  • Its legs are adjustable.
  • It can hold a load capacity of 110lbs


  • It does not have storage drawers.
  • It is not a stylish computer desk.

Check it out on Amazon


Ikea computer desks are made with fine materials that make them durable and highly functional as a computer desk. You do not need to go to the store to pick them up because you can order for them or look at more options on at the comfort of your home or office.


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