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Best Computer Mouse for Parkinson’s

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Parkinson’s and tremors are major issues, and the numbers keep skyrocketing with each passing day. According to the National Parkinson Foundation, Parkinson’s is ranked second only to Alzheimer’s as the most occurring Neurodegenerationdisease in the United States.

Before we take on the list of best mouse adaptations for Parkinson’s, there are some simple ways you can still use the computer mouse, without having a special mouse feature. The first is, adjusting the mouse speed on your computer, this way accidental clicks will be minimized.

Secondly, the use of keyboard configurations will also make this a fantastic choice as you can easily use the up and down arrow buttons, in place of the mouse. A third and final easy step will be to use the on-screen keyboard. So let’s dive in, and find out the best mouse for Parkinson’s.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Mouse For Parkinson


1. Big Track 2 Ball Mouse

Shock Resitance Mouse For Parkinson

Termed the largest trackball mouse in the world, the Big Track 2 Ball Mouse lives up to its expectation, offering a wide array of options that best defines what it does.

The oversized left and right mouse, with a fantastic drag-lock feature. Ensures your operation on the computer is seamless and easy to go when you take on the trackball mouse. There is a shock-resistant feature that cancels out, accidental clicks and mouse operations.

While the hand can shake, your computer operations should be easy and without errors of any kind. This is the gift and bliss; you get with the innovative trackball 2 mouse. You will not derive compatibilityissues when you use this mouse as it works on PC and Mac.

The mouse comes also in a wireless option; this however costs much more than the other option. Therefore, it is a matter of choice then!

Pros And Cons


  • 7.6cm trackball
  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • Shock resistance


  • Cost
  • Limited product colors

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2. Steady Mouse

Anti -Tremor Filter Mouse For Parkinson

Known for the decades-long slogan, “while your hand may shake, your mouse should be steady.” Steady Mouse is a name and brand that knows its salt, for 15years now, this company keeps providing computer software that aids computer adaptability for people with Parkinson’s.

The steady mouse project has been a revolution and still stands tall with the products that are put into the market. The mouse software works great with any form of a mouse and provides support for Parkinson’s, tremors, and multiple sclerosis.

The software detects and removes, shaking motion before it hits your screen, this way you can do your work without having to review and correct it over again. Accidental clicks are also blocked, allowing you to have a smooth transition from a chaotic battle.

The mouse target system also keeps you going, ensuring the right objects are clicked at the right time. You can be at your best, working seamlessly when you go with a steady mouse.

Pros And Cons


  • Auto-block of unintentional mouse clicks
  • Anti-tremor filter
  • Shaking motion detection


  • Software and not mouse
  • Cost

Check it out on

3. Amaneo Mouse Adaptor

Accidental Click Block Mouse For Parkinson

Just like Steadymouse, the Amaneo Mouse Adaptor offers a great line of support for people with tremors, Parkinson and shaking hands. It is a long line of support and it is everything you can long for.

Manufactured in Germany, Amaneo Mouse Adaptor offers a line of breathtaking features you will always admire.

The software works with various mouse forms and provides strong support across the base for everything you will do with your mouse. It works great on your PC, Mac, IPad, and even iPhone, this way you do not have an issue with adaptive solutions on your various device.

There is a steady cam technology on the software that filters shaking hand motions and gets you clicking things you desire to see. You also get the adjustable button control on this software, which makes it a brilliant choice to deal with.

You will need to change the website language to English, when you land on it, as the producers have German set as the website default language. Regardless, Amaneo beats competitors to stand tall on our list of top three mouse for Parkinson’s.

Pros and Cons


  • Works on all operating systems
  • Steady cam technology
  • Blocks accidental clicks


  • Cost
  • No android interface

Check it out


For people with tremors and Parkinson’s, typing on the computer, and using a mouse can be such a big ask. As the hands, shake on most giving occasions, while this has deterred many from using mouse and computers across the age.

The rise of technology has seen the rise of innovations that have made it easy to use the mouse and computer, even with Parkinson’s and tremors. Computer adaptations and accessibility for Parkinson’s is a major innovation that comes with cutting-edge technology, which is welcomed across the board. The introduction of a large trackball mouse has seen significant success in this area.

Adaptive computer accessories and programs are an essential part of creating a world void of the inequalities thrown at it from various quarters, and even with Parkinson you can use your computer; this is the truth that this article holds. The steady mouse is our top pick for this category and stands tall as a major innovation.


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