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If there is one good thing the COVID-19 has left with us all, is the realization that we can turn our homes into computer workstations and make a bar of gold out of it.

A host of persons never knew or will not encourage the fact, that one can be productive working from the house, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave this a major facelift. And what can be more productive than good lighting?!

In this article, we will present three lamps without blue wavelengths to keep you grounded at work and accelerate your sleep if you are off your desk.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Cool Office Lamps


Litom Led Desk Lamp

Blue Light Free Cool Office Lamp

Litom, entered the market with an amazing call with this lamp, it beats expectations and it offers more than enough for everything you will need in a desk lamp for your home office and working space.

With an up and down lighting design, this lamp offers you over 50 customizable illumination offerings for your need, giving you a wide list of options to choose from.

Your eyes are always in safe hands, with the blue light-free design that offers you a 99.94% blue spectrum, ensuring you do not have screen tears. The adjustable angle keeps you in charge of every aspect of your work and will guarantee the best working experience for you on the go.

The lamp is travel-friendly with its foldable design, which allows you to carry it just everywhere. With a price that is below $40, you are surely in for some great tidings here.

The light is built to last over 50,000 hours, with an energy-saving rate of 75%, the 5 color modes will help you to decide the kind of lighting option you need and at what time. Just in case you doze off on your desk, the light has a time that is set for 1 hour and it will turn off, to save your battery.

Pros And Cons


  • Blue light free
  • 50,000 hours
  • 75% energy conservation


  • Limited product color options
  • Short height

Check it out on Amazon

Juksta Led Desk Lamp

Flicker Free Cool Office Lamp

If the features of the Litom amaze you, then you are in for a greater dose of those feel-good vibes, it is not just about getting you excited, it is about listing the unique engineering that these companies are putting into their work, and what they are producing.

You get four unique lighting modes on this lamp, with the reading, study, relaxing, and sleep mode option; you have just more than enough for your workspace.

This lamp provides the best ambiance for your lighting needs, and functions. In addition, to the lighting modes, they are seven brightness levels on this lamp.

The 180° adjustable arm ensures your light points you in the direction you need, the base offers over 90% rotating base and you have a 60-minutes timer that makes the light turns off, after a period of inactivity.

The weight at 1.75 pounds is light enough to enter your bag as a travel companion, while the price at under $30 is pure bliss. You get non-flicker lights and protection from eye-strain-related issues, keeping you focused on the task you have.

Pros And Cons


  • Cheap
  • 4-lighting modes
  • Flicker-free


  • Plastic design
  • Limited product color design

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Ibaye Led Desk Lamp

Multiple Lightning Modes Cool Office Lamp

What about having 10 adjustable brightness levels on your office lamp? If this is your guess, then you have the answers in the IbayeLamps, which offers configurations and an experience you will always love.

With a strong desk clamp, and three lighting modes this lamp offers a unique and unbeatable lighting experience. 360° high flexibility, coupled with the Aluminum material fittings, get this lamp on a high rating.

There is a memory function, which beats the records, with this, the last lighting setup for an environment is saved, and so immediately you turn on your lamp, in that similar environment, the lights automatically adjust themselves.

The anti-flicker, anti-glare options will help you stay protected from blue lights and all of their related complications for the eyes. It saves energy, 80% more than traditional incandescent lights.

Pros And Cons


  • 360° flexibility
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 80% energy conservation


  • Small clamp
  • Short power cord

Check it out on Amazon


Whether you are working at home with a home office or you are doing your trade with your regular office space, the importance of lighting cannot be overemphasized, it is as important as the chair you seat on to work.

With the right lighting framework in place, you can focus and have your tasks completed within the shortest possible time, and this is so important. In addition, the right lighting configurations can reduce your stress and anxiety levels, leaving you with the feel-good vibes for work.

Important factors such as eye strain, and eye fatigue can be eradicated with the right lights and this is why this article is important, your workspace must not just encourage you with productivity feel-goods, you should have everything you need to work in that space.

It is important to have the right lighting for your home and office workspace, this is vital for many reasons, already listed in this article, however, choosing which one lamp to settle for can be a challenge.

While we have helped to streamline the choices to just three, we understand you can still have issues with settling for a choice here. In addition, just to keep you going in the right direction, Litom tops our list for its brilliant list of features and the durability of the lamp.

You can also check for more lamp options, on Amazon.

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