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A lot of computer users work late into the night or early morning. Thus, their workspace has to be properly illuminated with a portable secondary source of lighting to help them get through.

Still, after a while, they complain of eye strain, headache, and other eye-related problems. All of their complaints are related, which brings to mind the big question; did they use the right light?

Apart from providing adequate illumination for your texts and other computer works, the right kind of light is void of glare and flicker to eliminate eye-related problems, gradually becoming a second means of identifying ardent computer users. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Light For Computer Work



Multiple Lightning Modes For Computer Work

The Tenmateck desk light is equipped with a side technology that makes the light produced by the side pass through its reflective light guide plate and light intensifying film to produce even illumination suitable for different types of occasions and activities.

The light produced by this desk lamp can be likened to natural light because it features zero tolerance for flash, radiation, or glare to eliminate eye strain even after long hours of putting it on. 

It has a large 11.93*1” irradiation area that features sixty-four LED beads that makes the brightness of the light source twice the brightness of an ordinary lamp.

Despite its enviable brightness, this desk lamp allows for its adjustment through five lighting modes and five levels of brightness to cater to different lighting needs.

The Tenmateck desk lamp is built with high-grade aluminium alloy and metal finishing, making it an attractive sight on your computer desk. It features a clamp that aids it’s mounting style, two rotatable arms, an adjustable bottom part, and a LED panel that can be rotated up and down to provide ambient illumination to your computer task.

Pros and Cons


  • It has five adjustable levels of brightness and lighting modes.
  • It uses a side light-emitting technology.
  • It employs sixty-four LED beads to make the lights bright enough for computer work.


  • The head does not rotate.
  • It does not come with batteries.

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Nui light

Metal build light For Computer Work

The Nui Light desk lamp is built with a 2” tabletop clamp mounting style that has a hidden cable design that offers a clutter-less desk appearance while producing bright naturalistic flicker, and glare-free light through its ninety-eight high-efficiency LEDs that uses a side-emitting technology, a hive plate refraction, and an astigmatic filter plate, all of which are designed to consume low energy when compared to conventional bulbs. 

The light produced by this desk lamp can be controlled in six color temperature modes and five levels of brightness that can be touch-controlled to alternate between these temperature modes till a suitable and convenient lighting condition is achieved. 

The Nuilight desk lamp has a 300° swivel head, a 40” three-joint foldable metal framed body that is made with aluminum and zinc alloy, a rotating base, and a twelve-month warranty 

Pros and Cons


  • It has ninety-eight high-efficiency LEDs.
  • It has five levels of brightness and six color temperatures.
  • It is easily foldable 


  • It does not come with batteries.
  • It is very long.

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High CRI Rating For Computer Work

The Linkind desk lamp is built with a large luminous surface that produces soft and bright light to illuminate your working area evenly. Its light can be likened to a natural light that is bright with low blue light, zero glare, or flickers. Its light has a high CRI rating that brings out the tea colour and beauty of objects. 

It is made of aluminum alloy with brushed metal finishing that makes it attractive and scratch and smudge resistant as well as a special swivel core that makes it rotatable.

It is equipped with a large light guide panel that uses a side-emitting technology to produce diffused, soft, and natural-like light that produces lights that are free from blue light, flickers, or glare.

It has a touch-sensitive pad that is useful in activating five levels of brightness and regulating three color temperature modes of mane it suitable for different conditions.

To further complement this feature, this desk light integrates a memory function designed to immediately light up in its previous night setting. It is powered back on, and an auto timer that functions as an energy-saving feature automatically turns off the light after sixty minutes. 

In addition to all these features, the Linkind desk light has a glowing power button that can be easily found in dark environments. It also has a USB charging port that has a maximum output of 5V/2.1A that enables it to charge smartphones and tablets that are plugged into it. It has a low noise design that enables it to function below 25db to prevent distraction to enable you to concentrate while you work.

Pros and Cons 


  • It has five levels of brightness and three color temperature modes.
  • It has a glowing power button.
  • It has a touch-sensitive pad that controls its brightness


  • It is not fully adjustable.
  • It does not come with batteries.

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They’re many sources from which you can get light, but you’ll undoubtedly need a portable solution that can help you work well in any environment. These portable light source mentioned above as desk lamps and came as a necessary addition to any workstation.

They produce uniform lighting to create a user-friendly working environment to improve concentration and productivity. Getting the best portable light source for your computer work can be another cause of your headaches, and that is why I selected the best three lights for computer work.

All the products selected are void of glare, flicker, and low blue light, plus, their lights can be controlled through their different levels of brightness and colour temperature. They also adopt a mounting style that makes them easily adjustable to a preferred position. 

The right kind of light is a necessary addition to any workstation because it supports active productivity without giving you reasons to worry about eye strains of headache.

I hope our best picks helped guide you choose a light source for your computer work. On the circumstance where you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on


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