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Best Multi-Function Color Laser Printer

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A multi-Function printer (MFP) handles various tasks from scanning, copying, and printing. These printers are great at taking every single task thrown at them, they do a great job in this regard and this is superb considering the variety of options these printers are capable of finishing at a time.

While the debate as to which computer printer is the best between the inkjet and Laser ranges on, it must be established here that clogging and the troubles with cartridges.

Similarly, readability issues, dried-out cartridges, print alignment issues, and the high cost of print per page, which is seen on the inkjet printers, are completely silenced on the laser printers. As laser printers use, the toner in place of cartridges and can stay years, without being dried up.

Our top three picks of best Multi-Function Color Laser Printers have all of the boxes ticked off, on the features to look out for when it comes to what a good printer should have. This is important and will guide your buying choice.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Multi-Function Color Laser Printers


Canon ImageClass MF644cdw

Touchscreen Functional Color Printer

This printer from industry giants canon is one great, you will love and this is for the many functions it performs and the great work it can do. It is excellent for printing, scanning, copying, and of course, fax. It comes with a budget price that makes it a great steal for the price.

With this Printer, you can print 22pages per minute, while the tray can handle as many as 250 sheets of paper at once. There is more, this great printer can perform 2,500 pages of prints per month. Besides, this is amazing for the price and the quality that it comes with.

Your documents are scanned at 600dpi, while you connect directly to the printer on Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. Interestingly, you get mobile support, as you can easily scan, and print from your android or iPhone using the Canon app.

You get an amazing 5.0-inch touchscreen interface on this computer, which is a great delight.

Pros And Cons


  • Touchscreen interface
  • Prints 22 pages per minute
  • WI-FI, Ethernet, and USB support


  • Noisy
  • Big

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HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw

WIFI Enabled Functional Color Printer

HP has buried its name in the mind and heart of gadget and computer users, the quality of their products always stands in its special place in the market that is highly admired by many.

The LaserJet Pro M479fdw is one of the leading printers from HP that consolidates the truth about the brand.

This printer prints over 28pages per minute, with an amazing print speed of 600dpi. This comes with duplex support that allows you to scan and print both sides of your document. The prints are generated with ease on this printer and it is great how this is done.

The tray holds as many as 300 sheets of paper, and can perform an admirable 4000 prints per month, the 4.3-inch color touchscreen support, will allow you to take charge of the entire process with ease. This computer prints, scans, and copies, in addition to the fax duties it performs.

On the connections, you get WI-FI, Ethernet, and USB, while the HP Smart App will allow you to print and scan from your phone on the iOS or Android platform.

Pros And Cons


  • 28 pages per minute
  • HP Smart App for iOS and android
  • WI-FI, ETHERNET enabled


  • Cost
  • Bulky

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HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw

HP Smart App Supported Functional Color Printer

Another great from HP you must say and this printer is compact enough to occupy the small space reserved for a printer in the home or office while offering great features that beat the inkjet printers.

With a 22pages per minute print speed, this printer is a great delight for your home, office environment, it prints, scans, and copies, a massive fax support is attached too. The print speed is an admirable 600dpi, while the tray can hold over 250 sheets of paper.

This printer can perform 2500 pages prints per month, with a scan speed of 600dpi. The 2.7-inch color touchscreen leaves you in charge of the operations as you control all of the operations from your screen.

In addition to the WI-FI, Ethernet, and USB support, you can connect with your phone on Android or iOS.

Pros And Cons


  • 22 pages per minute
  • 2500 pages per month
  • HP Smart App for phones


  • No duplex scanning
  • Cost

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In deciding the best color laser printer for all-purpose computing operation, there are certain parameters you must take into consideration, this long list includes:

  1. Usability: a good laser printer should be easy to use, without much hustle, and should not be complex.
  2. Connectivity: in light of the availability of connection options today, having a printer that is not technology savvy is a No-go. It should connect via Wi-Fi and others
  3. Print Quality: a print quality of 600dpi is a good place to start for the laser color printer that will tick off all the boxes
  4. Touchscreen Inference: we want to do things in a simpler and easier form; this is where the touchscreen interface comes into play, an amazing way to get things done with ease.
  5. Scan & Copy Quality: the scan and copy quality of this computer should be as great as the Print Quality, this way getting things done becomes easy.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw is our best pick for this category, with 28 pages printed per minute; this is a printer for the kill. It has a wide range of features in addition to excellent print speed.

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