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Best Monitor Under $100

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Budget is a principal factor that regulates our choice of gadgets. One such as a well-built computer monitor is not excluded from this truth, especially when you are about to embark on the cumbersome tasks of finding a computer monitor with a $100 budget.

While some high definition features might have been traded for others, a $100 computer monitor can provide more than just viewing pleasure because it is also built with great features that make it suitable for a wide range of activities, and I found the best among a plethora of options that you can easily afford without breaking a bank. 

This list incorporates the best 3 $100 monitors that are currently available in the market. They are highly efficient with a high refresh rate, fast response time, and resolution that makes them suitable for work, entertainment, and games. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer Monitor Under $100


Sceptre E2050W

75Hz Refresh Rate Monitor Under $100


The Sceptre E2050W displays visuals using a 1600 x 900 resolution, 250 nits of brightness,  a 75Hz refresh rate that makes the images change faster and smoother, and a 5ms response time for image clarity. Its size and built-in features make this monitor a very suitable size for a home or office workspace.

Its smooth display function is supported by an Adaptive-Sync technology that effectively eliminates screen tear and stuttering by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphic’s card to produce a lag-free user experience. 

It is further equipped with built-in speakers that deliver office-level audio for conference calls and internet workshops, two HDMI ports that can be converted to a DVI input channel, a  VGA port, and a DVI port, and a VGA port. It also has a 75mm VESA walk mount pattern that makes it accommodating to diverse mounting patterns. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has built-in speakers.
  • It is equipped with Adaptive-Sync technology.
  • It is VESA compatible.


  • Thick Bezels.
  • The stand is not ergonomic. 

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Aopen 24CH2Y Bix

1080P Full HD Monitor Under $100


The highly functional features employed by the Aopen 24” computer monitor include a 1080p full HD resolution that delivers realistic and stunning images, a 75Hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time ( G to G), that ensures fluidity in the transition of pictures being displayed on the monitor. 

Its stunning visuals are displayed with realistic colors, an improved contrast ratio, and a six-axis color adjustment that ensures that the monitor displays images with a high standard of color accuracy using 16.7 many colors.

It is further equipped with Aopen eye care technologies such as the Blue light filter and a Flicker-less technology that ensures a comfortable viewing experience even for extended periods by adjusting colors in real-time to ensure the best visual experience.

Its sturdy weight is supported by an ergonomic stand that allows for a tilt function of -5° to 15°. It is wall-mountable and its input ports include an HDMI port, a VGA port, and an audio port. 

Pros and Cons


  • It uses a 1080p resolution.
  • It is wall mountable.
  • It has a six-axis color adjustment technique that ensures accurate color reproduction in pictures. 


  • The stand is not fully ergonomic.
  • It has no built-in speakers.

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Viewsonic VA2246mh

LED backlight Monitor Under $100


The ViewSonic VA2246mh-LED is a 22” computer monitor whose excellent display quality is aided by a full HD 1080p resolution, a mega dynamic contrast, an LED backlight, and a glossy thin-bezel design that provides a wide view of the image that is being displayed on the computer monitor.

The fluidity in its visuals is aided by a 5ms response time and a suitable refresh rate suitable for games and executing other tasks. 

It also features an energy-saving eco mode that makes this computer monitor an environmentally friendly choice, Blue light filter, and a flicker-free technology that eliminates eye strain from extended viewing periods.

It is further equipped with dual integrated speakers, an HDMI port, a VGA port, power cable, audio cable, 100mm X 100mm VESA  mount hole, and a three-year limited warranty. It is a great computer for home and office.

Pros and Cons 


  • It uses a1080p resolution.
  • It has eye care technologies.
  • It has a three-year warranty


  • Thick bezels.
  • The stand does not support adjustable features 

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Finding a well-built monitor with a small budget can be challenging if you do not have a suitable guide to help you get through the process, which defines the rationale of this article.

I hope that the contents of this article proved to be very useful in your search for a computer monitor that is within a $100 budget range. If you still want to search for more options, you’ll  find them on

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