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Best Tower Speaker Under $500

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No better way to enhance your entertainment experience, than the use of speakers. There are a variety of speakers in the market however, Tower Speakers (also referred to as floor standing speakers) have been the keystone for decades now especially for home audio systems.

Furthermore, you must consider whether the speaker will need an amplifier, and if you are an audiophile, features such as the bass, woofers, tweeters mid-range drivers, subwoofers are a must if you are to purchase good quality Tower speakers.

There are quality computer Tower speakers under 500 in the market and picking one that suits your need may be tasking because you hardly can tell the difference. To help you make a better choice, here are our top three picks.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Tower Speakers Under 500


Polk Audio T50 Tower Speakers

The Polk Company has been around for over 40 years.  Reputed as a speaker specialist, they are known to churn out speakers with great built – quality, with patented and award-winning audio improvement. This speaker gives out a better sound.

The T50 is a model of the Polk Audio T Series family, which you might want to consider especially for a small room set up. Available in a black oak finish, with an acoustically, inert, furniture-grade MDF cabinet construction.

The T50 tower speaker features an integrated support base, which stands this sonic wonders upright giving you that aesthetic feel as it blends seamlessly with your setup area.

With a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, one 6.25-inch extended throw composite driver, and two performance-tuned front-firing sub-bass radiators. (built by Polk’s proprietary dynamic balance technology) your entertainment comes alive with great sound quality.

Similarly, it should be noted that the furniture-grade MDF cabinet construction of this audio equipment, reduces resonance and distortion providing you with rich detailed audio sounds. Thus eliminating those rattled and muffled noise and distortions found in low-end speaker devices.

Just like every other Polk speaker, the T50 gadget is compatible with most home theatre AV receivers giving you many setup arrangement options.

The gadget is easy to set up and with Polk’s unmatched quality coupled with its affordable price, the Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker is the real deal, giving you great value for the price.

Pros And Cons


  • 1 silk dome tweeter
  • MDF cabinet construction
  • 20-100 Watts/Channel


  • Highs are flat
  • cost

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Sony SS – Cs3 – 3-way 4 – driver floor standing speakers

With the Sony SS – CS3 device, your home becomes a musical arena.  The gadget comes with a measurement of 5×9.1x 36.3, weighing around 60 lbs, the speaker is considered as one of the all-around floor-standing speakers.

The speaker is embedded with a mega tweeter, that provides natural sound, a superior subwoofer intended for home theatre setup. All engineered to produce high frequency and ultra-responsive audio response, around 50KHZ, the gadget is ideal for high-resolution clear audio and vocals.

Furthermore, the speaker is built with a 3-way wired speaker design highlighting its rich acoustic and strong cabinet design providing you with the convenience of creating great audio quality without the necessary need for extra equipment.

Lastly, the speaker’s tight powerful bass gives your music a solid base and fine timing alignment across the entire frequency range. The mica-reinforced drivers bring out every note, thus taking your entertainment to a completely new level.

At this price, the Sony speaker offers a good value for money.

Pros And Cons


  • Provides loud and clear sound
  • Compact design
  • Perfect base alignment


  • Amp slightly loud but can be manageable
  • Heavy

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Klipsch R- 26f Reference Floor-standing Speakers- pair (black)

Klipsch is known as the bad boy of the audio industry. The name in itself is quality guaranteed as far as sound quality is concerned. The sleek design of the R-26f speaker makes it classy and appealing thereby, blending seamlessly with the theatre setup environment, giving it the aesthetic feel.

The R-26f has a versatile 1-inch tractrix horn tweeter, made up of ultra-light aluminum, which aids for a natural and realistic performance hence making the speaker a high-performance speaker.

Weighing around 41.9 lbs, and equipped with a 6.5-inch IMG woofer, the quality of sound is further enhanced. The copper spun IMG woofer in this device makes sure that the bass response is adequate for the whole room.

Finally, it should be noted that the Klipsch R-26f is the best speaker for small to medium spaces.  As far as sleek design, pricing, and sound quality is concerned the R -26f is the go-to speaker. 

This speaker remains our best pick as it offers you premium quality when it comes to sound, design, durability, and price. Overall, the gadget is a perfect fit for any audiophiles.

Pros And Cons


  • Compatible with most amplifiers
  • Looks stylish with its black veneer finish
  • Have detachable grill to ease cleaning


  • Built specifically for small to medium spaces
  • Is a two-way speaker thus no dedicated driver for handling the midrange frequencies

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There are a plethora of tower speakers, under 500 in the market that clearly would suit your need. However, we were able to give out our best three of which the Klipsch r-26f is our top pick.

The power output and the quality of sound they emit is a significant factor.

Tower Speakers under 500, are known for producing big and full sounds, which are hardly rivaled, by any other type of speaker. They provide a foundation for you to build your home stereo system.

If you need full sound, that is loud, powerful, and has a full-fledged bass response, Tower speakers are your best bet.

Also, before purchasing this gadget, you must consider features such as sound quality, type of material the speaker is made of, availability of space to fit in the type of speaker.

The most important thing you should have in mind when trying to purchase a tower or floor-standing speaker is the purpose of purchasing the speaker.

In achieving that purpose, regard should be given to things like the size of the speaker, the impedance, frequency response. Furthermore, the appearance, resilience, sensitivity, single/dual unit, and wattage should be considered.

This will help in identifying the best tower speakers under 500 that will suit your purpose.For all other product, visit Amazon

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