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Best Computer Keypads For Music Production

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When it comes to music production, the Midi keyboard/controllers are the best, and these computer controllers offer just more than enough options for your music production needs. Also, it is more advanced when compared with the actual keypad or Digital Piano.

Our top picks of best keyboard for music production is a well-curated list, prepared using the expert opinion of music producers and professionals in this industry. In an attempt to give you the right information at your fingertips, without having you break a sweat for it.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computer Keypads For Music Production



Multi Functional Computer Keypads For Music Production

With Keystation 49, you get a 2-in-1 combination of Midi keyboard and drum pads. This is a great option for your production needs and saves you the extra cost of procuring a drum pad for this same function.

Here you can easily transition from melody and drums and give the best beats within seconds.

You also get 8 Knobs and 9 faders on this keypad, a distinctive feature that will allow you to easily manipulate and mix different instruments and plugins to your digital audio workstations without lags.

You also get to explore different options available on digital audio workstations for your music production needs.

The Midi keyboard comes with a free copy of pro tools, just in case you do not have it installed on your computer already, and helps you to work your way around your DAW studio, exploring the best options to do your production work.

With Keystation 49, working at your best will no longer be an option.

Pros And Cons


  • Fantastic plugins
  • 8 Knobs
  • Easy to use


  • Key sensitive
  • Cost

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Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keypad

No Compatibility Issue Computer Keypads For Music Production

Made especially to work on Ableton Live, the Novation Midi keyboard is another major innovation in the music production industry, which commands a dozen of customers’ trust and loyalty for the vast offerings available on the keypad.

Users enjoy a wide variety of options suitable to their Production needs. While the Novation Midi keyboard produces no compatibility issues, with the Ableton Live, it works excellently well with other digital audio workstations, like Premiere Pro and others of interest. Therefore, this is a multi-purpose keypad with no compatibility issue of any kind.

The Midi keypad has 8 Knobs and allows you to control your plugins and settings on the DAW interface, allowing you to adjust your sounds and drums to just any tone you will desire. Similarly, you get 16 full-color backlight drum pads and Ableton’s live lite version to go with.

Pros And Cons


  • 16 full-color backlight
  • Comes equipped with Ableton live lite version
  • 8 Knobs


  • Longer than usual
  • Cost

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Alesis Q88

Modulation and wheels Supported Computer Keypads For Music Production

The Alesis Q88 is one Midi keyboard out of the blue with just enough configurations and specifications that you will surely admire. This keypad comes equipped with the full 88 key keyboards, giving you a wide array of options to choose from and sounds to make.

With the Alesis Q88, you are at a go with your Octave, as you get everything at your fingertips. Interestingly, it features pitch and modulation wheels, with velocity-sensitive keys and affording a smooth USB connectivity.

You cannot run out of options on this keypad, as you enjoy a large offering of seasoned features.

A free Ableton live software comes with the purchase, with an Air Music and tech Xpad software all added to give you just enough options on the go. For the piano lover who wants to test his music production skills or go into music production, this keypad will offer a smooth transition.

Pros And Cons


  • Pitch and modulation wheels
  • USB connectivity
  • Full 88 key keypad


  • Not suitable for small home studios
  • Occupies huge space

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In deciding to settle down for the best keypad for music production, a couple of considerations must be taken. The prime amongst them is the space allocated for your music studio.

For music, the producer who is just starting or you have already started and need a major facelift to what you do and just how you do it. A Midi keyboard is one accessory that will make the required difference for you and set your recording studio on a better trajectory.

You will need not worry about where and how to get these Midi controllers, as we have carefully selected the best controllers for this category in a bid to keep you abreast with the latest innovation in your industry and to save you the task of searching everywhere for what works.

Is it a home studio, with little or no space to accommodate a huge Midi keyboard like Alesis or one that can afford such space?

When the question of space is decided, the next list will be the offerings and options available on the Keypads for music producers. So if you have a large space, pitching your tenth with the Alesis Keypad will be perfect. If it is not, you can choose Keystudio 49, which is great for any space.

Overall, Keystudio 49 tops this list as the best keypad for music production, and if you are searching for other amazing Keypads in this category, a good search will do it on Amazon.


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