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Unboxing the AMD Ryzen 2700 Processor

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Yup, I’m doing it.

I am calling AMD Ryzen 2700 (not the Ryzen 2700x) the best CPU of the year.

In terms of value and performance, this processor blows the rest out of the water. That is why I am putting it in my new build.

Here is a video of me unboxing it so you can see exactly what you get:

Can Gaming Computers Be Used For Work?

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Gaming computers can definitely be used for work. They often contain high end components (processor and graphics card) that preform well on many different types of tasks – not just gaming.

In fact, many popular YouTuber’s benchmark their gaming rigs with productivity software along with games to get a better idea of their performance.

That gaming keyboard can type regular words too!

Difference Between a Gaming Computer and a Regular Computer

As I mentioned, the main difference between a Gaming PC and a Regular PC is in the components. Mainly the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is going to be more powerful.

This more powerful Graphics Card (GPU) is going to allow you to run games, which are visually more demanding than other tasks.

You also might have other parts which are all around better – a faster CPU (Central Processing Unit), more RAM (Random Access Memory), and a bigger HDD (Hard Drive Device).

The last thing that can be a big difference between a normal computer and gaming computer is the Monitor. Specifically the monitor refresh rate.

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor can allow for a smoother visual experience. It has become more popular lately and is even advertised on gaming laptops. It becomes very serious as you look toward the world of eSports.

eSports in action. League of Legends maybe?

Can I Use a Gaming PC for Normal Use?

Of course! Your mom can browse Pinterest till her hearts content on these things. You can also do anything else you would do on a regular computer.

What else can you do with a Gaming Computer?

With a powerful machine like most gaming computers, your possibilities are endless. Here are a few tasks a powerful Gaming PC could be used for:

  • Video Editing – Rendering out scenes can take a lot of processing power.
  • 3D Modeling – Another task that can take a lot of power to render.
  • Scientific Computations – I am not super familiar with this one, but I know they can be used for it.
  • Photo Editing – Some of the heavier tasks will improve a ton with a better computer.
  • Programing – Compile times can be cut down a lot with a better machine.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Similar to the 3D modeling.
Epic computer used for Work and Gaming

Unboxing the Metallic Gear Neo G Mini – My Next PC Case

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In my last post I gave some details on how I choose the Metallic Gear Neo G Mini as my next computer case to build in.

Well it has arrived and I am very excited to build in it!

Here is a video I made unboxing it and taking a quick look at some of the features:

Edit: You can check out the completed build here.

If you like, you can also read the auto generated text from this video right here:

today we are doing an unboxing of the metallic gear neo G many and it is a sub brand of fantex and so that’s a little bit confusing they’re brand new I think this summer they came out so not a lot out there on them but I want to one because they look awesome and they are affordable so you might see you might have seen the other video I did where I picked out the the perfect case and for me this was the perfect case because it’s a bit showy so let’s let’s get into it happy new you Mini logo on side and I’ll just pull it out so we can take a look see Oh what it’s already been opened whoops we got so yeah I did open this earlier because I just couldn’t wait for you guys to well I couldn’t wait this I got a few lights later nothing very very impressive so right away you can see it is in so she’s beautiful so where do you want to start here we got the patterns is something interesting I noticed when I picked this case out I wasn’t thrilled about it to be honest but after considering it I decided I could deal with it but um actually I can’t tell if those are etched in or not I was actually considering if you really wanted to you could probably take those off somehow it looks like it’s just paint so I’m not sure if you can just dissolve it with something dry or something fun um in China that’s to be expected this is tempered glass as it says in the front of it is pretty so we – it also has that pattern logo though so I think the idea behind this part at least is that you can hide the PSU so you got a pretty design to kind of still see it it’s rate review its go ahead and open this thing up this bad boy so this is held on with screws no fancy avalanches on this one but again this is uh this is more of a budget option for this kind of thing I think it’s right now it’s like just under 90 bucks on nuoc that’s where this one came from it’s the only place I could find it available so boys have that fun risk of dropping it when you undo it it’s got a little ledge to sit on but what happened every time that I take you know laughs like homos dropped it this is a habit a alpha might win his extra fan bonus stuff it’s not it’s just like some cable back but let’s see if you can see in here we have the one fan that it comes with its RGB apparently I asked online I’m like hey is anybody know what this fan is I want to get a few more no one has any idea apparently it’s not released and I think if you look closely you can actually see maybe I’ll get a close-up shot there is a big metallic skier logo on the fan so it’s their brand I was thinking it might just be like a fan tax brand that they rebranded to metallic gear I couldn’t find any fan text fans so I have no idea what it is and I can’t buy any fans to match it so that’s really stupid like you would think I mean it’s not like it just yesterday it’s been me on that open up this is an unboxing in the world apparently around here with this so you got hang on hey they are there [Music] they stay on so you don’t lose them I don’t know what you call this what do we got here we’ve got some metallic gear branded cable management so it’s real premium stuff here uh well I mean it’s nice you know you got some hard drive mouse kickin off you got room for three SSDs here gonna be honest I mean this is obviously a TV stuff maybe well find out so um that does that this is a plug for your career front io you’ve got two USB 3 ports as well as a headphone and audio jack I believe yep and an indicator light oh no this is the RGB so that should be exciting I’m hoping to get some hard to be fans but yeah those things are crazy expensive so I don’t know if they’re gonna have compatibility to work with the aura sync and all that stuff but uh that’s pretty much it for this case unboxing I hope you guys have enjoyed it at least a little bit what we doing some some build videos in this thing in fact we’re gonna be doing like at least one build video because we only got part you on computer so nothing too fancy but it’s gonna be pretty sweet so I’m excited to show that to you guys there should be a subscribe button and and it’s over here there’s a bell get the bell on anybody yeah anyway hopefully you guys liked it subscribe we’ve got a website computer station just getting started with that so head on over there see if you like anything I’ll let me know in the comments if you have something specific you wanted to see in regards to this case or something else in general that’s it for now

Choosing a Computer Case

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect PC Case for a long time now.

Looking at specs, watching reviews, debating on airflow and water cooling.

Well, I have finally decided on the case.

The Metallic Gear Neo G Mini.

So good.

This bad boy is going to be an epic addition to my battlestation / workstation. Here is the video I recorded talking about it:

My Current Computer Station

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So I decided to make a short video on my current personal setup. Be warned, it ain’t that pretty despite having 3 good sized monitors.

As I said in the video, I have been building in that computer case since like 2004. That is a long time. The case itself has been around even longer than that, it used to be an old server tower.

The monitors are a bit old as well, bought around 2011. The main one is starting to get some dead pixels which is sad.

The desk is from around 2005 from Wal-mart. It is nothing special and should be replaced. It is not good for my posture.

The internals of the PC are from 2011 as well, except the graphics card which was upgraded around 2016.

I am hoping to upgrade most of this stuff in the near future, so stay tuned!