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Computer Desk Size For Dual Monitor Setup

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Using a dual monitor setup improves your productivity by offering ease at multitasking which would have been a seemingly impossible task with a single monitor setup. While this idea might sound fantastic to you, finding the right desk size with good weight-bearing capacity for a dual monitor setup can be a bit of a hassle especially if you have no idea on the computer desk size to look for. 

The first thing to put into consideration when searching for suitable computer desk sizes for a dual monitor setup is the monitor sizes. On this note, studies have shown that the majority of people with dual monitor setups often use monitor sizes that are within 24 inches to 27 inches which is great for 1080p and 1440p monitor resolutions. 

If your monitor sizes are within the above range ( or a bit bigger)  it’ll be in your best interest to use a computer desk size that is within 47 inches to 55 inches.

For some people, this desk size specification might be too big but the bigger it is, the more space it has to contain your computer peripherals within a reasonable distance of each other. This is so that your computer desk doesn’t look clustered and saves you from the stress of turning everything over when looking for something on your desk. 

Now that you know the ideal desk size for a full monitor setup, the next thing to put into consideration is the space where you want the desk to fit in. There are different desk shapes for a reason and this is to help you know what style will be best suited for the space. In other words, it is important to consider the space where you want to mount your desk so that you can know if a corner desk or a counter desk will be suitable. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we have educated you on the best desk for your dual monitor setup. If you still have any questions or doubts, we would appreciate having a quick look at our site and we can help you with your decision.

Also, maybe consider a desk big enough for 3 monitors?


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