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Vitesse Gaming Desk 

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The Vitesse gaming desk is a leading revolution in how gaming desks should be and the aesthetic content they should reflect. this article will run through every aspect of the desk to show you just how important it is to have one.



The T-shaped Vitesse gaming computer desk is a beauty in every dimension and a perfect piece of furniture to add to your home and help spice up your space. You can fit this into the office if you are a programmer and live the day coding away.

The desk is a complete gift for die-hard Esports lovers, as it adds all the needed fun to your gaming space. The desk offers a fluid gaming experience, which is made better by the beautiful aesthetics it adds to your space.

Interestingly with enough space to house two monitors and accessories, the Vitesse gaming desk will help you to stay organized as it gives you enough room to put everything together and in one space. These are only the tips of the iceberg, read on to find out more about this amazing desk.


Let’s take it off from where it matters most, the features. When it comes to features, the desk is exquisitely furnished with abundance and class in mind, one of the most striking features on this desk is the gaming handle rack it offers, and this is amazing. Some other noteworthy features are as follows :

  • You don’t have to pack everything together on your desk, as this rack allows you to place your controllers and gears for your convenience. You can easily customize your desk to meet your peculiar demands, and have it reflect your choice in every light. 
  • Another striking feature to take home here is the full mouse pad, for your gaming leisure this pad provides sufficient space for your gaming needs. The fact that it covers the entire surface leaves you with no challenge of running out of surface space or the possibility of your mouse and keypad being uneven in length. 
  • A third feature that strikes a point is the support for dual monitors that this desk offers, you can easily put two monitors here and a bunch of computer accessories without fearing for your desk to break down or wobble. 
  • A fourth and equally fascinating feature of the desk is the cup holder and headphone hook that comes with this desk. You surely don’t want to spill water on your expensive electronics and this is why the cup holder was put in place to serve the need of holding your cup and ice cream together.

Furthermore, the headphone hook comes in handy when you want to listen to the latest collections while gaming your time away on your desk. 


A good desk should be perfectly fixed to the ground, there is a heavy investment on top of it ranging from your computer monitors to your gaming peripherals. You don’t want to screen up all of this, and this is where the stability of the desk comes to the heart. Vitesse gaming desk is carefully put together to give you stability on the go. 

The construction is the first area of focus for this desk, it is constructed with a premium density fiberboard along with a coated steel frame. The twin combination here ensures your desk is stable at all times and it withstands every pressure you throw at it. You can easily game your way away without fear of your table moving when you are gaming. 

The T-shape design of this table also adds some weight of support to the stability demands of your desk, similarly, the desk has four leveling feet to make sure the desk is kept in horizontal shape. No matter what you put on it, you are guaranteed to have a unique overlap of stability and a unique surface that adds things up in the long run. 


Your gaming surface should be smooth and easy to deal with, you don’t want to have glitches on this path as you game and work on your desk. This is where this table excels greatly, it is made from premium fiberboard and a coated steel frame.

While the make is primarily wood, it comes in an aggressive look that adds some dose of magnificent aesthetics to its configuration. You also enjoy the full mouse pad feature on this desk table. 


The rectangular shape table of this desk offers a small table-top, wall mount mounting type that makes gaming effortless. There’s an adjustable height feature on this desk, this way you don’t have to struggle for balance. Interestingly, there is no keypad tray here, the game handle rack, full mouse pad top, cup holders and headphone hook makes up for the keypad tray that is missing. 

Cable management 

We all want our computing space to be as neat as possible, cables shouldn’t be laying everywhere and this is a great feature that makes up for others on this desk. There is a cable management tray that makes things easy for you, you don’t have to worry about cables flying everywhere, you have a tray to place things in. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Adequate legroom and sturdiness 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Elegant design and finishing 


  • Cheap material 
  • Desk wobbles at times 
  • Not stable for large monitors 

A Great Desk For Game Lovers

Game lovers have continued to push the boundaries of the computing space, gamers have pushed manufacturers to up their games and come up with computers that are super fast and unique in every way. The gaming desk is one area that has seen strong improvements over the years, and the Vitesse gaming desk is a product of these innovations. 

The desk excels in many aspects and this makes it great for game lovers and programmers who would want to add spice and strength to their gaming environment. These improvements as shown on the Vitesse gaming desk make it a unique offering for every game lover and programmer alike. 


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