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Logitech G403 vs Logitech G703

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Logitech is a renowned name when it comes to gaming hardware such as keyboards and mice. Over the years, Logitech has provided gamers with the different mouse that has state of the art features; with special reference to the G-series mouse.

We will mostly be comparing the Wireless G403 and the G703 since they both have wireless compatibility. Nevertheless, we will also compare the G430 wired and the G703 for similarities and possible differences that might exist.

Logitech G403 vs  Logitech G703



The Logitech G403 uses the PMW3366 sensor while the Logitech G703 uses the Hero sensor which is more efficient especially for FPS games. This doesn’t mean that the PMW3366 sensor is not suitable for FPS games,  it only goes to say that Hero sensors are better equipped to handle such games.

Lifespan of Clicks

The Logitech G403 and the Logitech G703  both have tactile side buttons that are quite durable. However, the difference lies in their durability as the G403 has 20 million clicks, compared to the G703 that has 50 million clicks making it more durable than the G403.

Wireless Compatibility

 This is the most notable difference between the Logitech G403 and the Logitech G703 and for some, it is also the most notable reason for the price difference.

The Logitech G703 has power-play compatibility and so, it uses a power-play mat that charges the mouse even while it is still in use. What this means is that you can continue using the mouse non-stop even when it is low and this makes me wonder if the mouse ever gets very low.  This is a high contrast to the Logitech G403 that uses the popular method of charging it with a USB cable when low. 

The power play compatibility is a great feat in the design of the Logitech G703 which other mice are yet to feature in their designs but again, Logitech are innovative in their designs and the Logitech G703 is the epitome of their relentless effort to provide gamers with high tech hardware for gameplay. 

Cable Mangement

The Logitech G403 has a well-braided cable that needs to be connected to a compatible port before use. Being a wired and wireless mouse, it is expected that these two mice won’t have anything in common but that is not the case as both mice have the same sensor – the Hero sensor. This sensor is one of the most sought-after sensors by gamers especially for FPS games and I find it quite surprising that the Logitech G403  wired mouse uses the Hero sensor and the wireless version does not. 

Nevertheless, both the wired and the wireless Logitech G403 and the Logitech G703 have an ergonomic design that is most suitable for large hands. They are highly efficient and very responsive which makes them one of the most sought after mouse

Where To Buy From

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The two most notable mice in the G-series are the G403 and the G703 mouse that has managed to set the pace for other gaming mouse, thanks to their exceptional features that combine the latest sensors, high dpi, delicate RGB lighting, and long-lasting battery.

They have several similar features such as the ergonomic design, tactile buttons, and a battery life that lasts up to 24 hours with the RGB on and 32 hours without the RGB, and just like most Logitech mice, they have the same software that makes it easy to create and personalize macros, customize shortcuts, RGB, and manage other connected Logitech products.

These similarities in features have raised questions to possible differences between the Logitech G403 and the Logitech G703 and of course, there are a handful of features that set these mice apart from the other.

First, the Logitech G430  comes in both wired and wireless variants, while the G703 is only available as a wireless mouse. Besides this, you can explore more options from


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