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Best Computer Keyboard For Kids

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The keyboard is one of the smartest ways to introduce a computer to a child, but it depends on how they will interact with it. Computer keyboard skills are important for kids today because it improves their cognitive skills and literary abilities from a young age. That is why it is important to encourage their interests by empowering them with the right one.

A regular adult keyboard poses as a good option. Still, the complexity and tasteless appearance of its characters can be discouraging to a young child, which leaves you with the task of finding the right keyboard that will encourage their enthusiasm to learn how to type.

The best choice of a keyboard that has proven to be highly effective in sustaining their keyboard/ typing journey is the one that is designed for kids.  A kid’s computer keyboard is designed as a kid-friendly computer keyboard with large and colorful keys that provide visual help to encourage learning in a fun and educative way.

Its benefits are also extended to children with learning difficulties, visual impairment, and special needs. It helps to sharpen their focus and improve their productivity both at school and at home. 

Sustaining their interest in a computer keyboard can only be possible if you present the best to them. This article has the best three computer keyboards for kids that can cater to kids of all ages in a fun and friendly manner.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer Keyboard For Kids


Chester Creek Learning Board

Wired Standard-Sized Keyboard For Kids

Designed to promote typing habits for kids of all ages, the Chester Creek learning board helps kids to learn the location of all the alphabets and other characters on the keyboard. It makes use of the QWERTY keyboard pattern with colorful characters to indicate and easily identify consonants, vowels, numbers, and function keys. 

The keyboard pattern used by this kids’ keyboard shares a similarity with adult models. This makes it easy for the kid to practice perfection while developing good sentence structure, building memory skills, and gaining confidence. 

It also promotes touch typing, which has proven to be an excellent way of helping kids master keyboarding, phonics, reading habits, and computer skills to communicate effectively with emails and complete homework.

The Chester Creek keyboard is built to withstand rough and constant use while providing a reliable and responsive action at each keystroke. Its keys are enclosed in a durable and ergonomically built frame to support a long period of use.

It requires a Windows operating system and a  USB connection port to function as an assistive technology easily adaptable for teaching kids at home and in schools.

Pros and Cons


  • It uses a QWERTY keyboard pattern.
  • Its characters are colorful.
  • Its frame is very strong.


  • The child might experience cable drag.
  • It will take up a lot of desk space.

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Nuklz N

Wireless Standard Sized Computer Keyboard For Kids

With kids, cable drag and tangled cables are mostly inevitable, and this is why I included the Nuklz N wireless standard-sized computer keyboard into the list for an uncluttered desk appearance. It employs a 2.4GHz wireless connection with a transmission range of up to ten meters to allow your kid to type from anywhere comfortably.

 It is built as a standard-sized computer keyboard with well-aligned high contrast black and white-colored large keys visible even in low light conditions, which makes it a favored choice for kids and visually impaired individuals.  

Its soft-touch keys encourage touch typing, eliminates and correct bad typing habits, and encourages precision, accuracy, and speed while typing.  It also features foldable risers on its bottom that makes it easy to arrange the device’s angle 

The Nuklz N computer keyboard for kids is powered by three AAA batteries and it is built to be compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a standard-sized keyboard.
  • It has a wireless design.
  • It has large high contrast keys.


  • It is not compatible with an iPad.
  • Its size will take up a lot of desk space.

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DuraGadget Computer Keyboard

Compact Size Keyboard For Kids

Bright colored and oversized keys are easy to identify by children, plus it is a fun and colorful way to help children learn about keyboards. With this ideology in mind, Duragadget designed an easy and fun way to introduce children to the world of computers with the most used input device; a keyboard.

This keyboard is designed with a UK layout for kids. It can easily cater to kids of younger ages with its colorful characters that help children identify various groups of keys within the keyboard. Its colorful large-sized keycaps are also suitable for visually impaired children learning progressively both at home and in schools. 

Keeping in mind that this keyboard will be used by children who are energetic, playful, and sometimes careless in handling technological devices, this keyboard is made from tough polymer that makes it spill and damage resistant to help it last longer than a standard keyboard. It also employs antibacterial finishing to reduce bacteria’s growth caused by dirt, food, and drink spillage.

The Duragadget kids’ computer keyboard can be connected via a USB or PS2 connectors to any PC, laptop, or Mac. It comes with a two-year warranty. 

Pros and Cons


  • It uses the UK keyboard layout.
  • Its keys are large and colorful.
  • It has antibacterial finishing 


  • It has no function key.
  • The child might experience cable drag.

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Grooming a child’s typing and keyboarding skills with a computer keyboard is a modern way of strengthening their literary skills. It makes learning fun and sharpens their focus and cognitive skills, especially with some visual impairment kids. 

I hope this article helped you to make an informed purchase decision on the best computer keyboard for your kid. You can still check on for more products.


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