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Best Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

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You can’t list out the top 5 keyboard manufacturers and Asus does not find its way there. Their keyboards feature the best of performance, features, structural frame, and RGB performance. Its outstanding RGB lighting effects can be credited to a handful of its software, particularly the Aura Sync that provides an endless spectrum of colors, and patterns to enabled devices.  

Asus RGB Aura Sync keyboards are designed with colorful RGB lights and effects that easily complement your color gaming setup. So, while checking for the perfect keyboard to complete your colorful gaming rig, all roads should lead to an Asus RGB Aura Sync keyboard.

To ensure that your choices are on point, do well to begin your search by checking out our top 3 picks for the best Asus RGB Aura Sync keyboard. 

The selected keyboards are mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches that provide durable and highly responsive clicks. Their frames are highly durable and they have exceptional features that set them apart from the others. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard 

Asus ROG Flare

Detachable Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

The Asus ROG flare has highly responsive keys with durable switches that are registered on a single press. The keys are fully anti-ghosted and feature highly sought-after key functions such as the media keys that control media functions such as pause, play, Stop and increase or decrease in volume and onboard memory for on-the-fly macro recording. 

Apart from the colorful appearance of this keyboard, another feature that it embodies is the customizable logo badge and a  detachable ergonomic wrist rest that provides ergonomic support for your wrists while you type or game. 

The Asus ROG Flare is available in  Cherry MX Red switches,  Cherry MX Brown switches, Cherry MX blue switches, Cherry MX silent switches, and Cherry MX speed silver switches.

When synchronized with Asus Aura Sync, this keyboard displays a variety of colors and effects that are synchronized with other Aura Sync-enabled devices.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a detachable wrist rest.
  • The keys are fully anti-ghosted. 
  • It features onboard on-the-fly macro recording.


  • The wrist rest is not well padded.
  • It does not come with a keycap puller for easy cleaning of the keys

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Asus ROG Strix

Tenkeyless Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

If you’re a fan of FPS games, today happens to be your lucky day because this tenkeyless portable keyboard is one of the best Asus Keyboards with Aura Sync compatibility that offers the best of performances, RGB lighting effects, and durability. It has a very strong aluminum frame and a detachable Type-C cable that makes it easily portable for carriage in bags.

The Aura sync compatibility of this keyboard features delicate RGB lights, RGB lock indicators, an RGB logo, and an RGB undertone per key. All the RGB lighting features can be easily customized and synced with the Aura-enabled devices for a completely stunning RGB gaming setup.

This keyboard features notable key functions such as the stealth key that is designed to offer instant privacy by instantly muting audios and hiding applications when pressed, and the easy alternating between media and the function key input, time for a game or not. 

This keyboard is further equipped with an onboard memory that can save up to five custom profiles, including the default configuration. It also features two very wide control keys, on-the-fly macro keys and window lock keys for uninterrupted video. 

This keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown RGB mechanical switches, and highly responsive keystrokes. The keys are fully anti-ghosted and register all keypresses irrespective of the number of keys that are pressed simultaneously.

It is further equipped with Armoury II that functions as a collective shortcut for easy access to create profiles, customize colors and lighting effects, map keys, record macros, and track hardware stats during gameplay.

Pros and Cons


  • The keys are fully anti-ghosted.
  • It uses Cherry MX Brown switches.
  • Its cable can be detached for easy portability.


  • It does not have an economic design.
  • It does not come with a keycap puller.

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Asus TUF Gaming K3

Budget-Friendly Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

The keys are fully programmable, highly responsive, and durable switches with up to 50 million keystrokes. The keys are fully anti-ghosted so that every keystroke is recorded even when multiple keys are pressed at the same time. 

Furthermore, this keyboard is equipped with an onboard memory that makes it easy to customize and save settings. 

The ergonomic design of this keyboard incorporates a  magnetic wrist rest that can be easily detached at will. It also has an on-the-fly macro recording that allows users to record lengthy macros while in the game without having to access driver menus or other software. 

Furthermore, this keyboard features dedicated media keys and function keys that can be easily alternated to suit different activities. 

The Asus TUF Gaming K3 is equipped with the latest Armoury crate driver-based software that supports customization of user profiles, map keys,  track hardware stats and even record macros while gaming. 

This software also supports the customization of RGB lighting, while synchronizing them with Aura Sync to generate a uniform lighting effect for all compatible devices. 

The Asus TUF Gaming K3 keyboard has USB 2.0 ports for added convenience in plugging a mouse, flash drives, or charging phones. 

Pros and Cons


  • The keys are N-key rollover.
  • It has 50 million clicks.
  • It supports Armoury crate driver-based software.


  • It does not come with a keycap puller.
  • The wrist rest is not well padded.   

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Asus keyboards with Aura Sync are wonderful options for improving the RGB appearance of your gaming setup. 

I hope that this article proved to be very resourceful in your search for an Asus Keyboard with Aura Sync. If you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on

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