Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard

What is there not to like about an RGB mechanical keyboard? It doesn’t just function as an input device, it has proven to be a source of visual pleasure to its users. It has a unique vibe that is second to none especially if you’re gaming with it. It has proven to be more than […]

Best 75% Mechanical Keyboard

A 75% Mechanical keyboard strikes a balance between a complete and full-sized mechanical keyboard and a space-saving option. It offers an incomparable thrill and is a popular option for gamers and typists because it has the keys that are considered essential for them. There are several designs of a 75% mechanical keyboard, with high-end mechanical […]

Best 65% Mechanical Keyboard

I cannot imagine what typing would have been like without a 65% mechanical keyboard. I consider the 65% mechanical keyboard a savior for people like me who can’t get used to its sister version (a 60% mechanical keyboard) no matter how hard we’ve tried. I agree that they are similar in size and share other […]

Best 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Having 60% of the keys that a standard mechanical keyboard has does not mean that you’ll have less of a thrilling experience that is accustomed to typing on a standard mechanical keyboard. It still maintains the unrivaled typing experience of a mechanical keyboard despite having 60-69 keys on an average. They are portable, versatile, compact, […]

Best White Mechanical Keyboard

Finding a color for your preferred mechanical keyboard can be as much fun as selecting the keyboard itself. A white mechanical keyboard gives off an aura of neatness and coordination that can not be well represented by any other color. The color of a simple input device such as a keyboard can speak a lot […]

Best Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

With a wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, you have the freedom to move around with your keyboard. It makes your table look neat and well organized; selling you as the classy, well organized, and sophisticated professional that you are. As a backup plan, a lot of these wireless mechanical keyboards have a dual-mode that combines both […]

Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

If you have played a game with a mechanical keyboard, then it’s understandable if you don’t feel the same thrill and energy with anything less. The mechanical feedback from the switches, the lighting effects, and the customizable software of many mechanical keyboards are worthy of applause. A mechanical keyboard no doubt serves a lot of […]

Best Corsair Mechanical Keyboard

Having used a good number of Corsair Mechanical keyboards, my  opinion on Corsair keyboards can be summarized with an extract from a popular novel; “All keyboards are equal but some keyboards are more equal than the others”. Corsair does well to sit comfortably among the keyboards that are renowned for gaming and typing by employing […]

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Getting a mechanical keyboard is a nice idea but the price is a big factor that scares a lot of us away. Considering the benefits attached to using a mechanical keyboard, it is worth every penny, but again, not everyone can spare more than a few dollars to get it. Having this in mind, I […]

Best Typing Mechanical Keyboard

A blissful typing experience can be easily gotten from a mechanical keyboard. It employs durable and high-quality switches with anti-ghosting properties that easily registers and allows for multiple key presses at the same time. There are different switches employed by a mechanical keyboard and most times, the choice of the switch is a matter of […]

Best Razer Mechanical Keyboard

I had always wondered about what was so special about a Razer mechanical keyboard that made my brother make the brand his first and only choice for a gaming mechanical keyboard. I told myself that he was just being monotonous and had no taste. But now that I think of it, why would anybody try […]

Best Programming Mechanical Keyboard

What good is a modern programmer without a modern mechanical keyboard? The keyboard is one of the most prized possessions of a programmer. This is why when someone tells me that they are a programmer, one of the first thing that comes to my mind is the kind of keyboard they use. A keyboard is […]