USB 3.1 Gen 2 Front Panel

USB means Universal Serial Bus. It is hardware that is used to connect printers, keyboards, mice, mobile devices, digital cameras, joystick, iPod, scanner, webcam, microphone, MP3 player, and external storage to the computer. There are different types of USB. It is used in powering devices such as smartphones and tablets. Computers have at least one […]

PS4 Save Data On USB Storage Device

The PlayStation 5 comes with its own great computer games but it also allows good games from PS4 to run on it. So If you previously had a game on PS4 or PS4 pro you can still enjoy them on your PlayStation 5 once you transfer those games to the PlayStation 5 console. The Sony […]

Why is my Asus Motherboard VGA Led white light on?

Your led white light on your Asus motherboard has turned on and will refuse to off. This can be an issue, especially noting the fact that the light can be a disturbance, why then is the VGA Led light on. This is the reason you are here, and we will guide you in getting to […]

Closed-Loop Vs Open-Loop Graphics Cards Water Cooled

You must have seen these words in websites and blogs and wonder, what close loop is? What is an open loop and what does it mean for computer graphics cards to be water-cooled? On the other hand, possibly allow your mind, stroll as to whether they are other ways to cool your graphics card if […]

Low Profile Graphics Cards Explained – Low Profile Vs Full Height

Low profile graphics cards are small factor graphics cards that are not always meant for computer gaming, they however work great for other purposes for which you will need them. Comparatively, these graphics cards are smaller than the usual full heights. While these cards are small and limited in height, they are fitting for purposes […]

How To Identify Computer Ram

There is a chance that you will pick up a DDR2 ram in place of DDR4 or even the DDR3 cards, against your choice of computer memory, you must have long made up your mind to settle for. This can happen by mere chance, as the cards have with them a striking resemblance that makes […]

RAID with a SSD and HDD

It is a fact that the slowest component in the computer is the storage system. The CPU with its fast cache memory interacts with the fast RAM and the slower systems disks. RAID, an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks is a method of putting together different disks into one to improve performance, reliability […]

Toshiba Optical Disc Drive Service

In computer language, an optical disc drive (ODD) simply means a disc drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs Some drives can only read from certain discs, but recent drives can both […]

Graphics Card Memory Types Explained, GDDR5 Vs GDDR6 Vs GDDR5x Vs HBM Vs HBM2 Vs DDR3.

Getting the right graphics card for your computer gaming functions can be a task on its own and this task can be exhausting and cost-effective if you opt to try card options, to see what works. Whether you are on budget, mid-range, or you seek a high-end graphics card, the line remains that, it must […]

HDD And SSD Setup For Gaming

Your choice of computer storage will define how fast or slow your games load, and the nature of the interface you will enjoy when you go gaming. While storage devices are broadly divided along two lines of HDD and SSD, it is more than just a division, as the technology between these two storage options […]

Virtual Memory Windows 10 8GB RAM

Some computers that operate on Windows 10 seem to always run out of memory while they’re being used on some demanding stuff like AutoCAD, games and editing. Computers have Virtual memory which Windows can use when it runs out of memory to use. This memory dives into is normally used to store its least used […]

Speed Difference Between SSD and HDD

We still have hard disk drives (HDD) in low priced and older computers, but Solid State Drives (SSD) are now trendy in the mainstream systems and expensive laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro, does not even offer a hard disk drive as a configurable option. But it’s quite obvious that desktops and cheaper options laptops […]