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After having a tiring day at work, with just your computer helping you get through it, you should relax with some jokes to lift your spirit. Just like your computer had your back all through the day by being functional even with your multitasking demands, I’m pretty sure that it won’t mind taking a joke or two from you or, in the reverse case, it won’t mind offering more than a couple of jokes to lift your spirit.

After work, or during prep time, you’ll need some jokes to crack you up and ease off tension, and I brought together fifteen of the best computer jokes.

Our Top 15 Picks For The Best Computer Jokes

  • The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an apple but with extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte. And then everything crashed.
  • Why did the spider take a laptop to the beach?

So it could surf the web

  • Why can you never trust spiders?

Because they post stuff on the web

  • Why did the spider get on the computer?

To check his website.

  • Why was there a bug in the computer?

Because it was looking for a byte to eat

  • What did mommy spider say to baby spider?

You spend too much time on the web

  • What do you call a computer lifeguard? 

A Screen Saver

  • Who chases computer criminals?

A hacker-tracker

  • Why did the computer sneeze?

It had a virus

  • Where do computers go to dance?

The disk-o

  • What did the dentist say to the computer?

This won’t hurt a byte

  • How did the computer get out of the house?

He used the Windows 

  • What did the processor say when it was being over-clocked?

“Stop it! It hertz so much!”

  • Why was the computer so angry?

Because it had a chip on its shoulder

  • Why did the computer get glasses?

To improve its web-sight

I hope that these jokes brighten up your day as they did with mine!

Now that you have had a laugh, maybe go check out our awesome Computer Desks page!

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