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Technology is at the heart of every single revolution that has reshaped human life and landscape. The ability to have programs that allow the visually impaired and blind to operate applications, draft documents, send emails, surf the internet.

Furthermore, these software programs allow users to do just everything on a computer is the true definition of innovation that meets one of the demands of an inclusive society. 

This assistive technology uses a voice synthesizer that speaks text and often puts up displays that make communication with the computer seamless.

We are at the age where impossible is nothing, and technology continues to shape and define this age. There are numerous screen readers available in today’s market, and one can be spoilt for options. We have streamlined this list to only 3 for your ease of reference. So let’s dig further to find which one fits your list. 

Our Top Three picks Of Best Computer Vision Software 

Job Access With Speech 

Perhaps this is the best place to start the list and this counts for many good reasons, often called JAW. Job Access with speech is one of the cheapest vision software programs you can find in the market today. It goes for only $90 a year.

It is more affordable than most to the screen readers out there in the market for use and it comes packed with handy features for your delight. Perhaps you are shopping for a friend or family, and intend to get the best vision software for this occasion, it can be a tough task to scroll through the options in the market.

JAW is one program you can trust, first is the multi-use feature it offers users, this is perhaps one of the most exciting features to be grateful for on this unique program.

With a single license, you can download the program into three computers, as you experience hitch-free computing functions on all three connected devices. It works best with windows as it poses no compatibility issues, it can be argued that it is built for Windows computers. 

The refreshable braille display makes this program top-level, among the various features it offers, this program allows you to surf the web with smooth ease, as well as draft emails. Users can easily read text by text to speech or the refreshable braille display, you are at liberty to choose the option that works right for you. 

It is fantastic in every regard as it provides the needed support to visually imported and blind persons with a need to access the internet and use the computer. 

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Dolphin Screen Reader 

A standard vision software
Source: Yourdolphin

Dolphin is one of the finest screen readers you can find in the market and this makes a deal of sense in the market. Dolphin is a proven choice that is loved by users all over the world, first is the wide range of products available from Dolphin and it makes a great deal to choose from the options.

It comes in handy in many ways and it helps to increase access to computers and the internet for virtually impaired persons. 

Unlike the other options, when you choose Dolphin screen reader you are only required to make a one-time payment of $795 and there it is for a lifetime with regular updates available for free. Paying once for this may seem like a task, when viewed from the point of the long-term advantage it offers, it is truly a bargain. 

It comes with a human-sounding text-to-voice synthesizer that is easily customizable to reflect your human interactions and this speaks chatters, as you type or enter commands on your computer. The program comes with a special cursor that makes it easy for you to find graphics and text on your computer, the smooth ease of access it offers is indeed exceptional. 

You can use the text-to-speech and braille display simultaneously on this program, it is compatible with windows and works on desktops as well as portable computers all on the go. 

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Non-Visual Desktop Access 

A standard vision software
Source: Nvaccess

Non-Visual Desktop Access comes in handy on this list of options available today in the market, impressively this screen reader is free to air. You don’t have to squeeze anything from your pocket to pay a yearly or one-time access, it works on the go and this is what makes it great for all.

You can easily download the program onto a USB Drive and take it just anywhere you want to go. It works on the Windows operating system and offers massive support for a range of computing and internet-related functions.

With NVDA you can easily send emails, shop and navigate social media, and operate many other applications on your computer all for free. You have unlimited access to the use of music players, and your Microsoft programs. 

The program comes with a fantastic braille display that works along with a speech synthesizer which is available in numerous languages, you can download free from the website and enjoy these offers with seamless ease. 

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Equal Oppurtunity For All

The use of the internet and computer is no longer limited to one’s natural abilities, there is so much everyone can do regardless of their condition and this is the bridge assistive technology is going to enjoy there is equal opportunity for all.

Depending on your options, each program on this list offers unique features that make it great and give you a fine line of options to select from. If you are willing to squeeze some money for an assistive screen reader, either Dolphin or Job access will give you the weight of support you require. If you choose to opt for a free choice, non-visual desktop access is your best pick. 

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