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Best RAM Cleaner For PC

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RAM cleaners and optimizers are software tools meant to free up your PC’s RAM. Besides that, these RAM booster tools help with prioritizing better RAM usage, so your PC will be faster.

If you are reading this article, then you are probably wondering why your computer is gradually becoming slower and slower and how you can fix that.

This is where a good RAM cleaner software can help you out. Let’s get started and find out about the best RAM cleaner for PC. For our users, we have compiled a list of the top 3 Windows RAM cleaners software. You can take advantage of this and select the one which suits you best.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best RAM Cleaners For PC

Advanced PC Cleanup

Malware Protection RAM Cleaners For PC

Advanced PC Cleanup by Systweak is one of the best Windows PC optimization tools that help clean junk files, fix invalid registry entries, free up disk space, speed up RAM and CPU. Alongside it cleans cache, cookies and shows identity exposing traces. Not only this, but it also scans your Windows operating system for malware, spyware, and other threats.

Although optimizing Windows is the primary job, Advanced PC Cleanup even helps boost startup time, uninstall apps, and helps clean old downloads. This can be cleaned with the one-click solution and provide you with results in a few minutes.

You can use the cleaning tools individually as well to remove junk, temporary files, and trash from Recycle bin. Moreover, you can secure your system and data from malicious content with the help of Advanced PC Cleanup, and uninstall as many applications as you want to remove from the tool itself in order to make it user-friendly. Here are a few more features from Advanced PC Cleanup which makes it the best RAM cleaner for Windows 10.

Pros and Cons


  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Cleans junk files, obsolete files, and other redundant data
  • Identifies malware spyware a complete protection tool


  • No driver updater module
  • Malware detection and ID protection not available in the trial version

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Affordable RAM Cleaners For PC

Ashampoo WinOptimizer does not only help you to optimize your system’s performance but also make it more secure. This nifty RAM booster tool offers much-needed maintenance for your system and fine-tunes your PC’s performance in a few clicks.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one the best PC RAM cleaner because it quickly scans your entire Windows machine and clears the broken registry, gets rid of temp and junk files, and optimizes your PC’s speed. Here are a few key highlights of the Windows 10 RAM cleaner tool.

It is a very intelligently designed tool. With just one click, you can scan all the vulnerable areas and fix them. Also, the tool allows fixing invalid registry entries, junk files, background services, uninstall unwanted applications, and a lot more. It is worthy of note that this software gives more control over privacy. From here, you can enable/disable Microsoft elementary report, remote access, and more

This RAM cleaner is offered both as a free and paid version, WinOptimizer is one of the best tweaking tools that helps in system optimization. Its most important feature is the integrated PC cleaning modules.

Pros and Cons


  • Successfully cleans up Windows PCs.
  • Effective free version.
  • Better pricing scheme than other competing products.


  • License limitations.
  • Extra features, like the wipe internet traces, may not be required for the average user.

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Advanced System Optimizer

One Click Fix RAM Cleaners For PC

Advanced System Optimizer is undoubtedly one of the best RAM cleaner tools available online. It offers overall system maintenance and protection to make your device new again. Advanced System Optimizer is easy to use clean-up, and optimization tool for Windows power-packed with a bunch of useful features fit for your Windows optimization needs. Let’s explore a few key highlights of this nifty RAM booster tool.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful system Scan and Fix
  • One-click fix
  • Disk de-fragmentation, Junk file cleaning, and System Protector Features


  • Flags some settings and cookies as threats
  • No web-based and email support

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Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best PC cleaner tools for your PC. This tool comes with useful features to help you in improving the speed and performance of your computer. This will show you the system status along with the unwanted items and how much disk space it hogs

It is important to note that this optimizing software will not magically add more memory to your RAM or make it more powerful. Rather, optimizing your RAM can be seen as a sort of clean-up, maintenance job.

These programs will help improve your computer by deleting unnecessary memory, among other things. The truth is, these programs are not essential, because Windows 10 already has integrated functions and tools that are designed for this sort of thing.

There are times that making use of your computer can be very tasking especially when it comes to your Windows PC, it requires a unique and specialized monitoring system to make sure that it works to its fullest efficiency.

Certainly, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a great tool for both novice and advanced users. It’s simple to use a one-click-optimizer that helps detect and fix most common Windows issues.

Also, the Settings give full control to the user as to how the product should work. From here you can decide which areas to clean and which to exclude. With a complete set of system tweaking and optimization features, Ashampoo is an effective PC clean-up tool. It helps clear unwanted items, boosts PC performance, gets control over Windows 10 privacy, and more.

Advanced System Optimizer is a computer optimizing application developed by Systweak. It is a reputable product that is known for its capability to improve the overall performance of the computer. It has a variety of tools and features which can configure your drivers, hard drive, and many more.

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