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Closed-Loop Vs Open-Loop Graphics Cards Water Cooled

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You must have seen these words in websites and blogs and wonder, what close loop is? What is an open loop and what does it mean for computer graphics cards to be water-cooled?

On the other hand, possibly allow your mind, stroll as to whether they are other ways to cool your graphics card if it is not water-cooled. We know the anxiety exists and it is for this purpose, this article is put together, not just to answer the salient guess and questions of your heart, but to also expose the advantage of each system over the other.

However, this is not all to it. There are still more to come and other details you will need to find out about the coolers, so let’s dive into the details before we look at the merit of each loop.


These are pre-made, pre-built graphics card coolers, while they are uncommon, they do exist and this is why it is on our list. While this loop offers you a great deal of comfort, since you do not have to customize it, it comes with a list of predefined boundaries. Moreover, you surely want to explore!

They are in two varieties, with one version having a fan and a cooler and if you end up with the version without a fan, but a cooler alone, you are not out of luck, as you can easily build it up yourself. The goal is to cool your graphics card.


The open-loop has two versions too, and here we are talking about the pre-attached version and then the one that you buy yourself. The pre-attached version comes from the manufacturer and it is preloaded with unique features, such as RGB lighting, and others.

The other one, which is the one you can purchase or build yourself, can also be built to meet your configuration demands. Let’s now look at the uses and which loop will work for what purpose;

1. Usability & Customization

Closed loops take the lead when it comes to usability, they are much easier to use, it is a simple plug and plays rule and you are in, for a great stream. This is not the case for the open-loop, you have needs to configure it to fit your peculiar objectives and goals.

What about leaks, since it is sealed and bought from the manufacturer, the closed-loop offers greater protection against leaks and breaks of any kind. It is sealed for a reason, and this is one of them. The open-loop can cause issues with constant leaks.

However, the open-loop can take up more space in your CPU cover than the closed-loop. Not just that, when it comes to customization, open-loop kills it, with more offerings and an endless opportunity for you to configure your cooler as you will like it.

While it is hard to set up, it occupies less space, as a single cooler can service your entire computer and at a great speed. However, you can hardly avoid the leaks and cooling problems that come with the open-loop.

2. Requirements

You will require more than the cooler to work your graphics card, other things must go with it and this is where the list of requirements comes in. The closed-loop, can work with just a radiator and it will fit into every space you allocate for it, this is not the case with the open-loop.

In addition to the radiator requirement, you will also require a good enough reservoir and probably a pump, if you are using the open-loop water cooler. While it occupies more space, it also requires more variables to work.

3. Cost

Closed-loop is cheaper than an open loop, especially when you consider the cost of tubing and other accessories you will require to make your water cool graphics card work.

While the open-loop costs much more, you can opt for the prebuilt one and get over the cost and need for buying pieces of equipment all by yourself.

4. Equipment’s needed

For the closed-loop, you will need, a screwdriver of a good size to fit and cable ties to tidy up your working space, the requirement differs for an open loop, here you will need, zip ties, screwdriver sets, a heat gun, and gloves, pliers, and others.


We are concerned about you the reader, and helping you to make informed decisions with your computing needs is our desire. Both the open and closed-loop are two types of graphics cards, GPU and CPU coolers you can get off the market. Especially when your graphics card does not come with a fan, to cool off the temperature, when you take on your heavy gaming operations.

While the closed-loop, is pre-attached and makes it hard to open, here you would not have to open it, and you are left with no reason to fill it with any kind of liquid. The open-loop, just like the name, gives you a wide configuration option to tone your cooler in ways that suit you.

There is no gainsaying that the closed-loop is better, less expensive, and comes with a chain of advantages. However, when it comes to configurations and the need to explore, the open-loop offers all of these and much more. You have your ball in your court and you can tilt it just anywhere you like it.

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