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Discrete Graphics Card

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A discrete graphics card is an external graphics card that is attached to the motherboard and as such can mostly be found in desktop computers and gaming computers. It stands out in its high performance, high clock speed, and efficiency in handling only highly intensive graphical content with a great visual performance. 

Why Are They Also Called Dedicated Cards ?

Discrete graphics cards can also be called dedicated cards and just like its name, it is built with a dedicated video memory which is known as the VRAM that is solely responsible for the execution of highly demanding graphics contents. 

The built-in memory of a discrete graphics card is separate from the memory of the CPU and this feature is what makes it stand out in performance when compared to an integrated graphics card that shares a single memory with the CPU and as such, it is better suited for the execution of graphical contents. 

The features of discrete graphics cards make them better optimized for highly demanding graphic processes such as 3D modeling and software, graphics designing, professional video editing, game development, and general gameplay as well as a multi-monitor setup.

Although discrete graphics cards consume more power which makes it generate more heat, it is equipped with a suitable cooling system that provides optimum ventilation to support its performance and sustain its durability. 

As earlier stated in the first paragraph discrete graphics cards can be mostly found in desktops and gaming computers, but recent technological advancement has made it possible for some modern high-end laptops to be equipped with a discrete graphics card that provides a remarkable viewing experience on graphics-related content.


Some of such computers are the Asus Zenbook Duo UX482 and the Razer Blade 15” gaming laptop that is equipped with state-of-the-art features that provide great graphical performance for games, video editing, graphics designs, 3D applications, and other contents that need accurate graphical representation.

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