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HDD And SSD Setup For Gaming

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Your choice of computer storage will define how fast or slow your games load, and the nature of the interface you will enjoy when you go gaming.

While storage devices are broadly divided along two lines of HDD and SSD, it is more than just a division, as the technology between these two storage options is very different.

While HDD storage uses the spinning platter to store data, the SSD cards beat this game with the use of flash memory, backed by semi-conductors to load your files and this is important as it gives you added load speed.

Reasons to choose SSD

There are many reasons why people, especially gamers choose the SSD storage against the HDD option, here are some:

  1. Speed
  2. Durability
  3. Temperature

Let us glance at these reasons before diving into the real gist for this content, we take it off from Speed. Speed is the gold for gamers; you want your games to load at top gear and your interface running without hitches. This is where the SSD storage options rule, impressive load speed, and general overall performance.

You get an impressive gaming interface when you opt for the SSD setup. Durability, HDD cards have moving parts, making them susceptible to damage, and when it is damaged, you have lost it all.

SSD cards come with superior powers here, it lacks moving parts, the storage devices are vibration and shock resistant, ensuring your files are saved for the long term.

Temperature, no one likes a computer that heats up on heavy usage, especially when you are gaming. You can virtually feel the heat and if it is a desktop computer you are using, you can tell easily as you work closely with it.

This is another thing in the bag for the SSD storage, since you access your data from flash memory as against spinning platter, SSD cards help maintain overall system cooling.

Enough has been said about the SSD storage cards, are there no good parts of the HDD cards? I can feel you are almost asking this question, so here is the answer; the HDD cards are affordable against the SSD cards. The price of a 256GB SSD card, can afford a 1TB HDD card or more, so you get more memory at a low cost.

Unsure which one between the SSD or HDD card is most suitable for your gaming setup? This article is put together to guide you on this journey and proffer cogent solutions, for your gaming experience.

What do you desire?

This is the first question to ask when proposing the best gaming setup for you, if faster read and write time is the craze for you, then the SSD cards are your best offering. If larger memory space at a price of almost more than half of the SSD cards is your thing, then the HDD cards are the best pick.

What is the gaming experience like on both storage options?

Save for the quick load time, faster read, and write options available on the SSD card, there exists no significant difference between the SSD cards and the HDD when it comes to gaming, the truth is, and games installed on SSD do not generate more frame rate.

They are just the same, howbeit, the time it takes to load your game and get into the gaming menu is different and faster on the SSD cards.

What makes the SSD cards so special for gaming?

As stated before, your load speed is an abundance that you cannot throw away. Imagine waiting some 4-5 minutes, to get into your FIFA interface, or waiting to play your favorite Minecraft series? It can be exhausting and this can kill the fun of gaming. This is what makes the SSD cards special!

What is the best setup for gaming?

We have made some bold statements and now it is time to give you the content you desire, and the reason you click the link to read this up. Fitting them against each other will do the job; this is the logic to kill the game.

You want a combination of speed and memory right? The answer cannot be no, no gamer wants to be limited by storage space when it comes to what he can save and the games he can play. This is where this logic will work just fine, and it has proven effective.

If you are building a PC from scratch, you can easily combine the HDD setup and SSD. As a dual internal storage drive, or you best can have one as the internal drive, while the other serves as the external drive. Moreover, if you are ordering a prebuilt PC or a laptop that comes with an inbuilt HDD or SSSD, you can get the other as your external storage drive.

How does it work?

No matter the setup you are using, make it a priority to have the SSD storage as your boot drive, this way you are guaranteed fast computer load time and save the games to your SSD storage, your games will load at massive speed.

Move your files you will not be need regularly, like your movies and all to your HDD. This will create the balance and the right gaming setup for you. This way, you will enjoy quick load time and a brilliant overall experience. We are sure, this is what you desire.


Your load time is crucial and this will define your gaming experience, we are concerned with giving you the right gaming experience, regardless of your setup and a combination of SSD and HDD will work this right. If you followed this content to the end, we are sure you will be experiencing a glitch-free gaming life, henceforth.

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