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How Hot Should A CPU Be For Gaming

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Standard CPU of a computer

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer system and it holds the functionality of the computer system in its hands ( that’s if it has one, lol).

 Maintaining the right CPU temperature is very important especially if you’re mostly involved with games. While some people might wonder about the relationship between games and CPU as this should be within the scope of a GPU, I should remind you that there are CPUs with integrated graphics that make them suitable for gaming. So, yeah, it is within this scope our jurisdiction borders on.

The Importance Of CPU Temperature

There are times that you might become intoxicated with excitement with gaming, and you do not pay attention to the CPU temperature. At this point, your excitement level and your CPU temperature are competing against each and just like a utility curve, the depreciation of one would have a negative effect on the other. It’s so sad that your CPU gets to crash first especially if such spikes in temperature have been a constant occurrence.

To ensure longevity, excellent performance, and continued usage of your CPU, it is important that you know how hot a CPU should be when gaming.

Things That Effect CPU Temperature

First things first, CPU temperature is affected by several things such as poor airflow, poor thermal paste,  the game type ( some games draw more power from the CPU and so generate more heat), and the card type. 

The two leading CPU manufacturers ( AMD and Intel) have different specifications on the maximum requirement of the CPU temperatures when gaming.

Despite this subjective test, gaming enthusiasts and research on CPU temperature and its effect on the computer show that the CPU temperature should be kept within 70°C to  80°C at the maximum. In other words, it should be kept below 80°C.


However, some modern CPU models such as AMD have a protective feature that shuts down the CPU automatically as it gets extremely hot to prevent harm, while Some games have options that display the system information on the screen when gaming, so that you can easily monitor the CPU temperature while gaming.

 In some other cases, there are built-in software such as the Intel extreme tuning utility tool and the AMD Ryzen master utility tool that can be used to monitor the CPU temperature when gaming 

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