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How Long Does RAM Last?

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Have your RAM ever bailed out on you in the course of an important project, in the middle of a game, or maybe you just woke up to find out that essential files are corrupt or, worse, missing? Perhaps it’s the impromptu restart process or decreased performance of your computer. The confused look on your face when it happens is one to be dreaded. 

Sometimes, this can result from your RAM failure, and maybe, your RAM got tired and said goodbye before you were even ready for it.

Knowing how long your RAM can last for you can help you prevent such occurrences and identify problems that occur due to your RAM getting old.

First and foremost, it is pertinent to establish that the durability of your RAM is a result of a lot of factors such as the brand, usage, and operating conditions.


Branded RAMs have proven to last longer than others. Although some people opt for brands that reputable brands do not manufacture because of the price factor, these RAMs wear out within a short time, plus they do not come with a sustainable warranty, so you end up at a complete loss.

Usage and Operating Conditions

The conditions to which we subject our RAMs can affect their durability in severe ways. Such conditions include constant overclocking, short power circuits, power surges, and electrostatic discharge.

Although in rare cases, especially if gotten from a branded manufacturer, some RAMs can have some inherent manufacturing faults, which can affect the RAM’s lifespan. If your RAM has a warranty, you can request a replacement, especially if you got it from a branded manufacturer.

How Long Does RAM Last?

Now that we’ve addressed the common issues that are likely to affect the durability of your RAM, how long will it last under the right working conditions?

RAM has volatile memory, and unlike other computer hardware, it lasts for a good number of years.

A general analysis carried out by computer experts has provided us with data to show that computer RAMs can last up to decades, 15years to 20years or more in terms of performance when used under the right conditions. 

So, to help your RAM grow old with you, you have to make sure that you patronize branded manufacturers for your RAM and that you use them under good working conditions.

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