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How Much RAM is Needed For 9700k?

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A standard ram

The Intel i7-9700k is a 9th generation 8-core processor that a lot of people refer to as the multipurpose processor owing to its ability to execute tasks on single-core and multi-core performance with ease and efficiency. 

Ordinarily, the i7-9700k can run at any ram speed but getting it started and running isn’t enough because some basic applications sometimes are fundamental to your reason for using the Intel i7-9700k, and using just any ram size won’t help it function at its maximum potential. 


Knowing the right ram size to pair with your Intel i7-9700k  will to a large extent, depend on the purpose that you want the processor to serve. Let’s address them 

The Intel i7-9700k is one of the best gaming processors owned by Intel and to sustain its performance, you should pair the Intel i7-9700k with a RAM size of not less than a 16GB DDR4 with a clock speed of 3000MHz. This combination will improve your processor’s performance even in 4k games. 

3D rendering and Content Creation

A lot of times, people tend to look at the strength of the processor to determine how well it can run 3D applications and they sometimes forget that the processor’s performance can only be effectively maximized with the right RAM size. 

The same applies to the Intel i7-9700k and to get it to function at its very best for 3D rendering and Content creations, you need to pair it with a RAM size of at least 16GB DDR4- anything less than this and you might have to sleep on your job for the day.

Video Editing 

When editing videos, the larger the RAM size, the faster your processor runs, and the faster, the better. 

Pairing the i7-9700k with a RAM size of about 32GB to edit videos will help to prevent lag and choppy frame rates. 

Web browsing

Web browsing does not require a lot of RAM  unlike other applications but you should still strive for excellence in everything that you need your processor to run. For something as simple as web browsing, a simple 8GB RAM should do the work.


Now that you know the right RAM size for your Intel i7-9700k, you know have a ram that is durable, highly efficient, and compatible with the i7-9700k

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