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How much should you pay for a gaming keyboard

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The influence of price on gaming peripherals will make you wonder what price can be considered the sweet spot for a gaming keyboard.

Of course, you want a gaming keyboard with the necessary gaming features to help you secure a win and still look cool and strong after a heated gaming session- but you have a very slim budget. 

Before we consider the price, there are features any gamer would want irrespective of how much you are paying for a gaming keyboard.  Features like extra keys, backlight, good material, durability, and comfort. 

 Why I did not include mechanical switches?

I did not include mechanical switches in the list of things you would love to have on your gaming keyboard because I think that you should know by now that a gamer has got no business with any switch other than a mechanical switch. 

Mechanical keyboards are much cooler, have better features, and have a lifespan of 30 million to 70 million strokes, which makes them more durable than any other keyboard. They are also more responsive, and better suited for gaming.

Now that we have re-established the dominance of mechanical keyboards for gaming over any other type of keyboard, how much should you pay for a  gaming keyboard?

A beast that comes with an economical pricing

You can get a good gaming keyboard for less than $50. Yes! I said that right? As unbelievable as it sounds, you do not need to break the bank to get a good gaming keyboard. 

Where can you find a good gaming keyboard at such a price? We have a list of the best 3 budget mechanical gaming keyboards that you can get at a giveaway price.

Oh, You don’t think they are durable? We have tested all these gaming keyboards and they did excellently well. 

Just before you worry about features, these gaming keyboards are built with nice gaming features like adjustable backlighting, and extra keys like macro keys, media keys, and N-key rollover. They are built with durable materials that will definitely give you more than your money’s worth.

So, just before you get a headache because you do not have over $100 to get a gaming keyboard, check out these gaming keyboards and use the rest to get drinks after winning a game.

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