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How To Check If A SATA Cable is 6Gb/s

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A standard Sata Cable

The SATA cable is responsible for Data transfer from the disk drive to the motherboard and from the motherboard to the desk drive. The next-gen SATA cables had taken things beyond the normal parameters allowing you to enjoy a data transfer value of up to 6Gb/s. 

There are three types of SATA cables, namely SATA 1, 2, and 3, only SATA 3 gives you the best value when it comes to data transfer. Knowing how to identify your SATA cable is a fine way to get ahead of the competition, and ensure you end up with what you want. 

Here are 6 ways to identify a SATA data cable, every time you go shopping for a cable of choice. 

6 Ways To Identify Your SATA 3 Cable


1. Backward Compatibility

SATA 3 is the only cable in the market that allows for backward compatibility, this is to say, if you have an older optical drive or even a SATA hard drive, you can easily transfer files and other necessary data with it. This can run at 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s, you have the needed security to stay afloat. 

The case is not the same as the other SATA cables such as the SATA 1 and 2 cables, where you will end up with compatibility issues that will keep you rooted. If you are using an SSD, you are sure to have your data transfer value run from 550mb/s and above. 

To enjoy the best value on data transfer, settling with the SATA 3 Cable is one option you cannot ignore. If the cable is backward compatible, you are in for a great run as you have succeeded in picking up a SATA 3 Cable from the market, where your cable doesn’t work with old models, it could be a SATA 1 or 2 cable.

2. Right Angle connectors

This is another great way of distinguishing your SATA 3 Cable, they are right-angled to give you enough space to pack up everything else. The 90-degree cables are easy to connect with and allow for smooth connectivity to your motherboard. Check if the cables are right-angled, before buying it. 

Also, you would want to save up enough space for things like your CPU fans and other self-imposing components of your computer, having a cable that takes all the space will be a bad option to go with. The SATA 3 cables are space-efficient and get you feeling great with your buying options.  

3. Locking Latch 

This is another way to identify and distinguish the SATA 3 cables from the rest of the cables in the market, there is a locking mechanism that is not available in the others and this makes for a great buying clue. You will easily find the locking mechanism at one or both ends of the cable. 

The locking Latch is not just there for the sake of being there, it ensures you get proper fittings and secured connections when you use the data cable. Your connections between the motherboard and storage are also secured with the data cable, this is lacking in SATA 1 and 2. 

4. Durable Build 

The build of the SATA cable is one of the things that will get you to love the SATA 3 Cable, while it comes with a low profile, the build is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is durable and will last you the years of use. It fits into the toughest spaces on the motherboard while maintaining its form. 

The cable is built to stand against the ugly effects of wear and tear, as it gives you value for a long period. Try pulling it and see how it survives the assault, if it stands tall and doesn’t break off, you are certain you have ended up with a SATA 3 Cable, but where it cannot stand a hard pull, it is not. 

5. Length

They are not just durable, the cords are long and can connect to the storage device of your computer from anywhere you are pushing it. They are usually 1 meter long which is a distinctive feature from the rest of the cables in the market, which are usually on the short lane. 

If you get a SATA cable home and you find the cord to be below 1 meter, chances are you have ended up with a cable that is not a SATA 3 Cable, and if a SATA 3 Cable is what you are in for, you will have to go get a cable that fits properly and this will be your SATA cable. 

6. Label

You will always find a label on your SATA 3 Cable, this is what makes it good for you if you are a first-time buyer that is trying to get his/her hands on a SATA 3 Cable for the first time. Sadly, some sellers can easily label a SATA 2 cable as SATA 3, when this is done you will end up with the wrong cable. 

If you are relying only on the label then you have got to do more, the other 5 options we have listed here will guide you. Importantly, ensure you are buying from a trusted vendor, and if you are buying online, the store should have adequate trust reviews from buyers. 


Buying a SATA 3 Cable is one of the finest investments you can make today to help with your computing operations. However, making the right decision on the SATA cable is a good option, you should know what is and what is not a good SATA cable, and this is what we have put together in this article.  

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