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How To Fix Graphics Card Fan Not Spinning

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There are many ways a good day can go sour and make you feel down for the long hours, your computer graphics card fan, not spinning can be the piece that makes that twist and redirect your trajectory.

So what happens when your graphics card fan is not spinning? Your GPU temperature is running at a risk and when it heats so much, you know what will happen next. It blows up or it stops functioning, and when any one of these two things happens, your day can go the wrong way.

These and more are a couple of reasons that you must keep your graphics card functioning at its best, it’s very best. Besides, if for any reason your graphics card fan is not working, it is not a reason to worry so much as you have the best solutions in this article.

Here are a few solutions to the problem of your graphics card fan not spinning:

1. Check if the computer is in an idle state

Technology has done a massive great for us, and it regulates how things work and if your graphics card fan is not working.  Worrying, at first sight, might not be necessary. Your card fan might not be spinning, because it is in an idle state. This is the case, with technology-inspired programs.

Inbuilt features are placed in graphics cards today, which make them, relax when you are not performing high-end graphics or intensive CPU operations.

During this time, the computer will instead use other cooling options, like the heat sink. This is the case when you are performing programs like web browsing.

The graphics card fan is programmed in this case to come alive once the temperature clocks a certain threshold, you will not need to do anything to make it come alive. It will automatically click when the conditions are met.

So check this out first before trying out other options.

2. Restart the computer

Just the same way, you feel fresh and relaxed after having a good nap or a cold bath after a long day of work.

Restarting your computer gives it the same kind of balance and sets you aside for smooth operations, and functions. This is the case, for almost all kinds of malfunctioning we have seen with the computer.

It is simple, but often the best option to fix your computer issues. Refresh it and you are a mile away from the trouble of your Graphics card fan not spinning. Give it a simple refresh and see how it turns up, if it does not work still, then you are left with a handful of other options to go with.

3. Check the connections

For smooth operations, your GPU will need power and just enough of it to function at its best.

Sometimes the reason for your card that is not spinning can be a connection that is not perfect or one that was perfect before but has overlapped. It is easy for your computer wires to leave their socket and this can be the case here.

Ensure that your 8 or 6 pins cable is perfectly connected, to guarantee the best results with your graphics card. The issue can be your connections, so get this checked and ensure all of your connections are in shape. If the problem persists then the next option might help.

4. Oil it

Fan bearings just like your car engine will need some greasing occasionally and this is what you do when you experience issues with your graphics card when it won’t just spin. Add in a little oil and you are good to go, this is one guaranteed way that has shown tremendous results.

So get the fans oiled and you can be sure to have the bliss you require on your graphics compartment.

4. Clean the fans of dust and debris

Debris in the CPU has a way of coming to rest in your GPU and of course; where else other than your graphics fan, will they find the comfort they seek?

This is the problem with the graphics card fan, when debris gets here and is stocked, your fan will not spin.

A thorough cleaning will make the difference and set you apart, on a great journey. Getting compressed air will be, as the magic powder that clears dirt’s and this will surely get your fan spinning again.

5. Check the divers

Rightly, so, the drivers might be the one thing that is hindering the full functionality of your Graphics card fans. Check for the drivers, troubleshoot them if you can, and update them if they require it.

6. Replace the fan

There is always one option that will not fail, so if you have tried all six options already, trying this last option will be a great delight and the perfect way to go.

For mechanical failures, replacing the fan is the best way to achieve the results that you require. Also, you know what comes with starting afresh. It a completely new beginning and this can be sublime.


You will require the right cooling systems in place to achieve the finest results with your graphics-intensive tasks, like using CAD or programming on your computer.

And running video editing software, will all rest on the computer’s graphics power and when your graphics card fan, is not working this can be a problem.

Similarly, the graphics card often helps to reduce the heavy burden placed on the CPU. When the graphics card heats up, achieving this task will be a difficult thing to do and a height that might not be attained.

The graphics card plays a seasoned role in the overall functionality of your computer and getting it working at its best offering is a blessing, there are a couple of reasons why the card will fail to work at its best, and highlighted above are proven solutions to get this problem, under check.

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