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How To Fix Graphics Card Vibrations

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Just as powerful as graphics cards are becoming, and the multiplicity of functions these cards can perform. They just like every other piece of computing hardware have their lags, and this is the vibration that comes with the cards. While it can be ignored, the fact that it is audible is frustrating.

Computer graphics card vibration will not endanger the workability of your card. Nevertheless, when left unattended to it can be the foundation of issues to come and this is just why you will need to fix this problem before it gets out of hand. So let us look at the options on the list:

Fixes That Are Recommended

1. Dampening case

A dampening case is the first place to start if you seek to get a permanent fix to your graphics card vibrations.The truth is this, your graphics card might not stop vibrating as you will always get unusual current, run through it, and sometimes you will have the problem always recurring for other reasons we will soon discuss.

Therefore, a way to absolve the sound and get it muted can be a great delight for your smooth and undisturbed operation. You must be particular about the dampening case you are getting, there are a lot of them in the market but not all of them can do so great the job at hand.

So get the dampening case that comes with dampening materials, like a high fabric or foam that can conceal noise and give you the best environment to work with. While this option can be cost-effective, it pays rewards that you will surely love, and this is why we opt to have it on this list.

2. Check your fans

Sometimes the solutions we seek are there for us, but because they are negligible, we seem not to attach the needed attention to it and get it to fix just the way it is supposed to. Therefore, checking your fan can be the next great thing you can do to fix your graphics card vibrations and this is free.

Checking your fans will reveal the true state of the graphics card, what is responsible for your vibrations can be a dusty fan or a fan that has stopped working. So check this and try it out, it can save you from taking the next options on the list.

3. Replace your graphics card:

Sometimes, the reason for the vibrations can be a graphics card that has fail or stop working. All you have to do is to replace it with a new one, this way you get the vibrations stopped and you get a permanent fix to the situation. A win-win solution at all times.

Getting a new graphics card can also be advantageous to your overall development, as you get improved performance on your computer.

You should ensure that you are getting the right graphics card at the right time, this is not a time to experiment with things, you have to go with what works.

4. Check the power supply

Here is it, your power cable can be the issue that has kept your graphics card, vibrating. Moreover, you can get a permanent fix to this problem by checking the power cables to see if it is working perfectly well. It will amaze you that sometimes; your power cables might not be connected.

Besides, you will experience delays, when your graphics cards are connected but not properly fixed. Also, if your wires are not connected correctly, get them fixed and you are good to go. Besides, if your cords are outworn, changing them and getting a new graphics card can stop your vibrations.

5. Use your headphones

Now, this is one real option that works just great, and it is less cost-effective. If you cannot bear the noise, then getting a headphone will be the best, you get your ears blocked from the noise and you can enjoy the best of service, working on your computer.


Electronic equipment and materials use electromagnetic coils as inductors or transformers. However, graphics cards, serve as inductors, and when current passes through the coils; it creates a magnetic field around it.

This field plays a huge role in how your card functions, and also the cause of vibration sometimes. Graphics cards require a strong current for it working, and when an unusual strong power passes through these coils, it causes the coil to vibrate, this happens usually when your graphics card is under immense load.

This particular problem is what is called graphics card vibration or coil whine. While there is no generally accepted single format to fix this problem, they are a couple of options you can try to arrive at the best result for your graphics card. We have highlighted these options on our list and trust me they are options you can try out, even on a budget.

Your connections can go wrong and this will surely affect how your graphics card works, a graphics card vibration is one of the regular defects you will experience on your computer with wrong connections on your graphics card.

The options are best rooted, and you can try any one of them. A try here will better your graphics settings and keep you working for a long time.

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