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How to safely store a graphics card when not in use

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You may wish to keep your Graphics card away for a few days, months, or years. The reason for storing the computer graphics card can be founded on several reasons, but regardless, you want to have the card in the best form possible when you need it again and fit for purposes it is supposed to perform.

How you store this card, will determine if you will end up using it again, after keeping it away for a few years or months and even days. Someone suggested that if fridges could store drinks and foods for a long while, and owning to the cool environment, it would be great for storing a graphics card.

While new and improved cards are coming through and hitting our screens with all the intensity in the world, the truth is that there will still be things your old card will be notable for, and this is why you must store it properly.

Here are a few ways to achieve this result:

1. Use an anti-static bag or box

There is no better place to start this list than here, this beautiful mention. The goal of storing your Graphics card is to keep it for use later and this is one that you equally agree to, to achieve this goal; your card must be kept away from static electricity.

Static electricity will destroy your card then save it. Keeping the card away from the rays and damaging effect of static electricity is your best bite, and you eat this bite with your eyes closed.

Similarly, ensure there is no space in the bag or box, if there is any, pad the space with paper. Make sure the card is perfectly padded, to save it away from the usual effects of fall and knocks that may damage the card and affect its functionality.

2. Cardboard box

Card boxes are great and an excellent way to store your graphics card when not in use, but this option must be given attention. Just like the anti-static bag or box, it must be observed that there should be no free space in the box, this way your card does not get affected by movement, and knocks.

Also, a cardboard box provides amazing protection from static electricity and this is everything you are trying to avoid. With static electricity of the way, you are two times ahead of your game and in perfect shape to have the card available for use again.

3. Plastic box

Here is another great way to protect and save your card for the future and the next time you may want to use your graphics card again, the plastic box provides perfect protection from static electricity, this of course is our most important feature to look out for.

It is also waterproof, so you do not have to fear where and how the box is placed. You are guaranteed protection from the most important aspect, static electricity.

4. Original box

Your graphics card always comes in a custom size box, packed to give the card the best protection and it is made fit for purpose. So if you intend to keep your card away for a little way? Getting it back into the box will be a great way to go, and this will guarantee amazing protection.

There are downsides and we know it, you might have lost the box. Moreover, just like the many, you may have damaged it out of that first-time experience and excitement or it has been damaged by water or even confiscated. You can try out the other options on the list to balance it up.

5. Get a carrying case

A safe is it, and this will give you long-term protection if you have the singular intention of keeping the card away for a usually long time.

A carrying case will be the best option on this list, it offers the best protection. It is waterproof, a fantastic addition and on top of this, it is shockproof.

Yes, a carrying case or safe as you will have it are expensive, but for the sake of the greater good which is the security they provide, risking a few bills to get the best solution in the market won’t be a big ask.


Just as it is important to keep your Graphics card away from static electricity, it must be guided from water damage. If you do not achieve this two essential purpose, it is safe to say that you should forget everything about the card. As the purpose of storing it will be defeated.

Keeping your graphics card safe and in the best condition is a goal that you must hold onto if you are to experience the best results with your storage goals. In addition to selecting any one option on this list, ensure to keep the card in a dry room and at the best temperature.

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