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How To Transport A Graphics Card Safely

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There are many reasons why losing your graphics card or getting it destroyed now is not the best thing for you, one of these reasons is that you will likely have difficulties in getting a replacement.

This is what we have seen with the bearish market on the computer graphics cards, the scarcity is just unbearable. Another reason is that they get costlier, ever heard the adage that “old is gold” sometimes this is what happens with the graphics card, they are programs that no new version can run better than the old one. So keep it safe, even when transporting it.

The fragile nature of the graphics card shows it deserves attention and much balance when you are moving it. The reason is that the card can be affected by bumps, and when you do not protect your Graphics card, you will end up damaging it and not using it for the purpose it was bought for.

Static electricity is one of the major nemeses of the graphics card when you are transporting or storing the card. The need to keep it safe, away from static electricity is one object that will pay the greatest reward.

In this article, we will teach you how to do this and with much ease, you need not worry, as we have proven methods to safely transport your card. So let’s dive into the options

Proven Methods To Safely Transport Your Card

1. Use the box the card came with:

Graphics cards always come in custom size boxes, packed to suit the length and depth of the card and this offers the best protection for the card. Moreover, for you that is moving your card, getting it back into the box it came with. Will save you the extra cash, to be spent on other alternative options available in the market.

We understand there could be instances where the box had been damaged, or just like many, you throw it away with the hope that you would not need it again. These things happen to all of us and this is why we have other options to save you the stress if you cannot find your box anymore.

2. Get an anti-static bag or box

So the second option you can try out if you have lost the box the card came with is to get an anti-static bag or box, we are particular about the bag, it cannot be just any kind of bag.

It should be an anti-static bag or box, static electricity as we have earlier introduced and mentioned, causes harm to your Graphics card.You should not put the card away on the premise of keeping it safe, only to discover you contributed to the defective state of the card, especially when transporting it.

So ensure to keep it safe, by getting a bag that will not expose the card to static electricity, this way you will have a win-win situation.

3. Use a Cardboard Box

A card box is your next option if you do not fancy the first two, or just want to try out other options. Moreover, why the card box you may ask? The first reason for the choice of the card box is that it shields you from static electricity, and this is everything we want to do.

Therefore, with a card box, you are guaranteed protection from static electricity. And your card will be in the best form of protection available in the market, and when you are transporting it. There is just one thing you must take note of when using this option.

Even with a card box, you can still damage your graphics card if the box is just too big and you fail to pay for the remaining space. You must leave nothing to chances, so get it padded with the paper if you find enough space in your box to ensure it does not move.

4. Get a heavy-duty carrying case

This may be a big ask, especially for the cost of getting the carrying case but trust me this is one great option you can try out. There are many advantages with using a heavy-duty carrying case and this is not just for your graphics card alone, but for other things, you may want to transport.

The case is waterproof, you have a quality guarantee, that water cannot get into your safe and destroy your card. This is a major improvement, as against the other four options on the list and you cannot agree less that it is the most effective.

In addition to being waterproof, a carrying case is also shockproof, nothing happens to your card if the card somersaults, and yes we are not praying for this but this is just how much protection a carrying safe offers you.

Regardless of your budget, you can easily find a carrying safe that fits it.

5. Use a plastic box

Yes, a plastic box. Moreover, this is one great option you can try as a seasoned way of safely transporting your graphics card. The plastic box had been used by many and it has proved effective, interesting it is waterproof, however, we cannot guarantee its shockproof content.

If you are trying this option we have some recommendations for you, first, ensure you use paper and cardboard to pad the card before placing it in the plastic box. Besides, if you have enough space in the box, see to it that you pad it with paper. This way your card will not move and will stay protected.


These are proven ways to keep your Graphics card safe when you are transporting it. Importantly ensure that the card is padded if you are not using the original box or a carrying case, so you do not defeat the purpose of saving the card against danger.

There are a few options not listed here and you should avoid them, first is the use of zip bags, and plastic bags without padding. For zip bags, offer zero protection against static electricity and should be avoided.

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