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Low Profile Graphics Card

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Graphics cards are responsible for graphically rendering contents and as such, it is a vital component to be considered when building a computer. 

If you’re building a small form computer either for games, or other graphics-related works, you should opt for a low profile graphics card because its small size makes it better suited to such computers. 

Low profile graphics cards are built with half-height brackets and thus, can also be called half-height graphics cards because they are smaller than a regular-sized graphics card. They are built with a shorter printed circuit board, lower thickness and are mostly measured at 167.64mm in length and 64.1mm in height.

Why Low Profile Graphics Card Is a Good Option?

The compact size of a low-profile graphics card makes it a suitable space-saving option for slim desktop cases and small form computers. Due to its size, it provides more room for better ventilation to other components of the computer system.

When compared to a standard height graphics card, low profile graphics cards are loved for their portability and low power consumption because they can be used even without an external power connector from the PSU.

In addition to minimal noise and low heat conduction, a low-profile graphics card also comes with either single fans or a heat sink that functions as a cooling system for the card. They are also more affordable when compared to a standard-sized graphics card and deliver great graphics performance despite their small size.

Its versatility makes it a relevant graphics card choice for graphics-related content such as games, and graphics work. It can support multiple monitors simultaneously and can also be used as a home theatre to store content and deliver stunning 4k graphics content on TVs. 


The major difference between a low profile graphics card and a standard-sized graphics card is in its size. Low-profile graphics cards offer a lot in terms of low heat conduction, low power usage, low noise, size, and minimal storage area in the computer. 

Although they have low clock speed, they are suitable for games and other graphics-related content, plus they are more affordable and better suited for small and slim computers. 

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