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Magnavox HD DVR HDD 1TB Atsc Tuner

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HD simply means high-definition video. It is a video of high resolution and quality. Any video played on the computer with more than 480 vertical scan lines is regarded as high resolution.

The high resolution came about as a result of the development of discrete cosine transform video compression. This compression was developed by Nasir Ahmed. 

It also reduces the amount of memory required for a video that is capable of achieving a data compression ratio to about 100: 01 compared to uncompressed had been adopted as a video coding standard for HDTV. In North America, high-definition video standards were developed during the Federal Communications Commission in 1987.

The process was led by the Advanced Television Systems Committee. The Committee adopted standards from interlaced 1,080 – line video with a maximum frame rate of 60 Hz. Also, the committee in conjunction with the Europeans adopted the DVB standard of resolutions of 1080, 720, and 480 and respective frames of 24, 25, and 30. 

What are DVRs?

DVR can be defined as a digital video recorder. A DVR combined with an HDD can store and record footage. The captured footage will be of high quality. It stores the surveillance footage on the hard drive.

Most cameras capture analog images while the DVR converts those images to digital and then transfers them to a hard drive for storage. Although DVRs do not connect to the internet directly, however, it can connect to each other without external networks.

It can take inputs from different cameras at the same time. There are different types of DVR available in the market today, however, it can be broadly classified into three: hybrid DVR, embedded DVR, and pc based DVR. Hybrid DVR receives input from IP cameras and CCTV cameras. Embedded DVR only receives input from analog CCTV cameras and transfers the input and stores it in a local HDD after compression. PC-based DVR comes with a motherboard, a network card, a DVR capture card, and a memory drive. It can be upgraded easily.

What are HDDs?

HDD is the acronym for Hard Disk Drive. The hard disk drive is a device that is used to store data. It is a storage device that comes with computers, laptops, and so on.

The data stored on a hard drive disk can be retrieved at any time. Also, the data is retained in the drive even when there is no power. Data is recorded through a film of ferromagnetic material. It comes with an in-built spindle that holds flat circular disks, it is these disks that the recorded data are kept. HDD also comes with two electric motors which are: spindle motor and disk motor.

The Magnavox HD DVR HDD ATSC Tuner comes with an in-built 500 GB hard drive that can store recorded information or programs and it can be watched at a later time. An ATSC Tuner is referred to as an Advanced Television System Committee tuner. It is also known as an  HDTV tuner. It allows the television to receive inputs from television stations that make use of the ATSC standards.

These tuners are always from the television set, VCR, DVR and they provide connectors of different types. The tuner works when it generates video and audio signals which are picked from over-the-air broadcast television. It also comes with functions like selective tuning, decompression, AV synchronization, transport stream demultiplexing, analog to digital conversion, image reformatting, demodulation, and error correction. 

Decompression comes into place when some signals that are being broadcast over the air are compressed; once they are received by the ATSC tuner, they are later decompressed. Selective tuning is the situation whereby the radio frequency of the television station is received within a band of transmitted radio frequency signals.

AV synchronization simply means the coordination of audio and video signals to be displayed on a TV. It ensures that neither the video nor the audio lag behind each other. Transport stream de-multiplexing occurs when many digital signals are put together and thereafter transmitted from one antenna source which in turn creates over the air broadcasts.

Image reformatting is different from how formatting works on television sets. The formatting and reformatting depend on the technology employed by the manufacturer of each specific television set. Error correction simply involves the correction of any missed data.

Any ATSC tuner that does not come with an error correction, if there is any missing data, it cannot be corrected. ATSC tuner that comes with the error correction, such tuner will have the ability to perform several checks and also repair data which makes it possible for such signal to be viewed on television sets.

It also adds information to signals received to fill any missing data before such a signal can be transmitted. Error correction increases the amount of data received, unlike decompression that reduces the amount of data received. Demodulation refers to the transformation of the signal from the tuner into a signal that a television set can use to produce sound and images. It does not warrant any other consideration for the frequency at which it was transmitted.  ATSC in some countries makes use of the 8 VSB modulation which requires less power and energy to transmit unlike the COFDM modulation used in some countries DVB –T, and this particular modulation is not prone or less likely to be prone to multipath distortion. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has up to 1080p upconversion
  • It can convert standard DVD TO HD quality
  • It is perfectly suited for HDTV


  • It is not a digital tuner
  • It might not display some cable channels


In conclusion, the Magnavox HD DVR HDD 1TB ATSC Tuner is effective for the recording of favorite programs from television stations to be watched at a later time. It comes with an inbuilt twin tuner which makes it possible for a user to easily rewind and pause television while watching.  It can be connected to another device from the home network using the inbuilt wireless LAN. 

The tuner can record from HDD to DVD and also external HDD. It also comes with the following dubbing: HDD input, DVD input, external HDD input, and AV input.  It does not require any monthly contribution. Check out products on

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