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Moving Games From SSD to HDD

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One of the many benefits of using an SSD storage device is its fast performance but because of its cost, a lot of gamers prefer to use an SSD with a low capacity storage feature.

With time, the SSD becomes full because of its inability to store heavy data, which leads to the slow performance of these games and the operating system.

To enhance the functionality of the computer SSD, these games have to be moved to another storage device which in most cases is an HDD. 

HDD has a large storage capacity which makes it suitable for storing games, and thus creating space on the SSD to enhance the speed and performance of these games.

Moving games between two storage locations can be quite tricky especially because they need to function well in their new location. 

Moving Games From SSD To HDD



Games can be moved from SSD to HDD by copying the selected games from their previous location on the SSD and pasting them in a new folder that is saved on HDD. The games saved on the previous SSD location have to be deleted so that the computer can recognize a single file. Some games do not support direct copying and Pasting between different storage files and so will need to be re-installed on the new storage device.


Moving games between different storage devices with the aid of well-optimized software eliminates the need for re-installing the games on the new storage device. 

Games can be easily moved in large numbers via software such as a Steam mover application that is highly suitable for moving different types of games to a new storage location. Although the process of moving games is slightly different among various software, they all support changing of the storage location on the gaming properties. 


Using a software or the copy and paste method for moving games is a safe way to move your games without corrupting them. However, it is advisable to use software to move heavy games in large numbers and to use the copy and paste method to move games in bits. 

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