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Moving Programs From SSD to HDD

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A lot of people readily store programs on an SSD storage device but with time, they realize that an SSD is built with limited storage capacity and the large number of programs saved on it will slow down its performance. 

Of course, they turn to the next viable option that poses as an HDD storage device but sometimes, they programs with difficulties in transferring these programs to an HDD storage location.

You can  mitigate the tough discomfort thrown at your computer by a solid-state drive (SSD), by following these methods of transferring programs to a Hard disk drive (HDD) 

Moving Programs From SSD to HDD


Most operating systems do not recommend dragging, or copying programs because some programs might not run well when moved to a new storage device. However, because of the limited storage capacity of SSD’s, moving programs to HDD is just inevitable. 

The first step to successfully move files is to back them up first with a reliable backup software to prevent complete loss of programs in instances where the moving program in the new location is not supported on the operating system. 

To ensure a smooth transfer of program files and ensure that they work well, it is advisable to log in to the operating system as an administrator, before copying the files to the new storage location.


Activating a symbolic link command or using software to move programs from SSD to HDD is highly suitable for different kinds of programs on different operating systems. This can be easily done by changing the properties of such programs such as their bits ( Program files exist in different bits such as 32, 64, and 86 bits) and moving them to an HDD storage device.

One of the benefits of moving programs from SSD to HDD is that it eliminates the need to re-install these programs on their new storage location. After successfully moving the selected programs, you can choose to create a folder on the desktop for the moved programs to serve as a shortcut to easily access them.


Moving complex data such as programs can be easy if you have the right support and I hope that this article was helpful for the task 

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