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Why is my Asus Motherboard VGA Led white light on?

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Your led white light on your Asus motherboard has turned on and will refuse to off. This can be an issue, especially noting the fact that the light can be a disturbance, why then is the VGA Led light on.

This is the reason you are here, and we will guide you in getting to the root of the problem and find solutions that work. Yes, you want to turn it off and if possible be of assistance to those who may have a similar issue, you will get the solutions here and we will do it with less haste and more speed.

Just before that, here is a truth you should know, your computer can be working perfectly well and yet your LED light can still be on, this is not a sign of a defect of any sort, it is just a minor bug that occurs now and then.

So let’s dive in and get this started, trust me, the solutions are quite effortless and to bridge it up, we shall begin with the simplest solutions before hitting those that look a bit hard to crack.

1. Restart your computer

Is it that simple? Yes it is, restarting your computer does more than the usual on and off effect you may have seen and thought of, it goes beyond it. And for minor bugs of this kind, irrespective of how you look at the gravity, a simple restart can give this fixed.

To begin with, let’s take it on, from there. When your computer feels to function just for any reason, or the motherboard-led white light is on, you can get this off the mark with the restart.

If this does not work for you, you have nothing to worry about, we still have a long way to go and proven options to try.

2. Check your cables

Therefore, I highlighted cable defects in the introduction, and yes, your cable can be the reason why your LED lights are still on, irrespective of the number of restart attempts you must have made.

So check your cables, you can be using the display port and this is a reason the VGA lights are still on, so try the HDMI in place of the display port. This can work the magic, and if this does not work, then try your cables with another computer test run to see if it fits.

In addition, if the problem persists, then change your cables and get the HDMI.

3. Firewall Updates

Sometimes your VGA white led can stay on, owning to update issues. You only need to update your BIOS and there you go, the lights go off automatically, this is easier than it sounds, but is that easy and good.

Check for updates from your computer settings page and get the BIOS updates, download it and ensure to restart your computer then after, this update will provide the solution you seek, it works for almost everyone, so try this.

4. Re-install your graphics card

If you are still on this list, it is probably because you have tried the three options above and you have not found your solution just yet, or possibly, that you want to read to the end before trying out one.

Regardless of your category, this is another option that works, yes it does. Try reinstalling your graphics card; you can fix it with this.

Another alternative will be to start your computer without the graphics card, and turn it off then after, restart it again this time with the graphics card. It will work, but if you still get stuck here, then here is one last option to try.

5. Check for bugs

Bugs are almost non-negotiable when it comes to computers and a small bug can be a big issue sometimes, including the disturbance with your white led light. So check for bugs, if you are using a desktop, open the case and clean for dust and other relater issues.

The same applies to laptops, by fixing the bugs you may save your computer from this issue, with your led staying on.


Bugs, and cable connections, can be responsible for the white led light staying on and refusing your attempts to go off. Sometimes firewall issues and Bios updates can also be responsible for this issue, regardless of the causes, they are solutions that work.

This is not a one size fits all kind of solution, we have a long list for you to chose and settle with what works for you, this is what makes a great reserve for your concern.

You can save yourself the trouble of having the disturbing LED white light staying on; this disturbance can be a problem for a long time. In our five simplified steps, we have highlighted ways you can achieve this goal, and work at your pace without having to deal with your VGA Led light.

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