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Best Computer Accessories Under $20

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Computer accessories are needed to facilitate a smooth workflow in your home and work office. While some are vital to your productivity, others are meant to complement your efforts by providing a stress-free work environment.

They come in handy, and having the right computer accessories can give your workstation an aura of professionalism and organization. To help you get a similar experience, I picked out the best seven computer accessories that are under $20. I’m sure that you’ll love them.

Our Top 7 Picks For The Best Computer Accessories Under $20

Kokovolta USB Hub

Computer USB Hub Under $20


Most laptops and computers come with a fair number of USB ports, but sometimes, these ports are just not enough to cater to all the activities being executed.

You can choose to never run short of USB ports by using a multi-port USB hub that eliminates the problem of shortage of functional USB ports to send data or power your devices, and the Kokovolta USB hub is the best for the job.

The kokovolta USB hub is built as a four-port 3.0 USB hub that offers additional ports to ensure that you’re never short of ports when you need to transfer data, charge, or perform any task that will require a functional USB port. 

This multiport USB hub is compatible with multiple devices, including Xbox One SS, Xbox 360, Playstations, Macbook, raspberry pi, smart TVs, Nvidia Shield TVs, and operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 8/9/X -UNIX and Linux.

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La Casa Homeware

Computer Memo Board Holder Under $20


While working, we often have a lot on our to-do list for the day, such as meetings, clients to call, proposals to draft, and sometimes we need to write down our intuition as soon as it comes. What better way to have all these things well organized and within reach and sight than with a memo board holder.

It is an easy and clean way to keep your workspace tidy while serving as a multifunctional board holder for a well-drafted schedule and diverse colors of sticker notes. 

It has a transparent acrylic color that adds to its appeal, a self-adhesive peel, and a sticky feature that makes it easy to apply and remove sticky notes without leaving residual marks of damages to the computer monitor frame. It is protected by a transparent film to ensure that the surface is scratch-free and it comes with a one hundred money-back guarantee 

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Pro Case

Carrying Computer Accessory Under $20


Packing accessories such as USB cables, power banks, batteries, portable hard drives, memory cards, earphones, and other things you’ll need while working can be tiring if you do not have a portable storage case for all these things. 

With the Pro Case travel case, such problems are eliminated because it is tailored for storing and protecting small electronics and accessories.  It has five different compartments with each having a zippered mesh pocket for storing small electronics and accessories.

Two extra mesh pockets that are tailored without zippers for easy storage and retrieval of accessories. All the compartments are secured by a 360° zipper enclosure that keeps everything secured and a hand strap that makes it easy to carry around.

It has a water-resistant hard EVA exterior and a shock-absorbing soft lining interior that makes it scratch, water, and dust resistant.

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Computer Cable Organizer Under $20


Whether you like it or not, one thing that you’ll always find in computer work or gaming station is wires. Most times, they are caught up in a tangled mess no matter how hard you try to keep things neat, and this distraction can affect your productivity.

Say goodbye to such distractions and untidiness by using the Promaster cable organizer that is tailored to keep cables out of sight and mind. 

It is made with high-density waterproof neoprene material and a high-frequency technology Velcro that ensures that it does not tear or fade. It can be cut into smaller sizes to fit the task at hand, and it is highly efficient in hiding cables.

So, even if you decide to use a wired keyboard, mouse, or any wired device, be rest assured of a smooth workflow, thanks to the Promaster cable organizer

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Sendt Combination Security Lock

Computer Lock Under $20


You can never be too careful with a device that holds your productivity in its hands, and that is why you must install a security lock on your computer. Built as a theft deterrent, the Sendt lock security cable is an easy-to-install security lock that secures your computers, laptops, monitors, and any device with a Kensington security slot. It has four-dual combination locks and a six feet cable that is used to keep your computer safe.

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Bihuo Wi-Fi Adapter

Computer Adapter Under $20


The Bihuo adapter is built to deliver faster and more reliable connections to any available wireless network signal. 

It functions at a maximum speed of up to  5GHz 433Mbps or 2.4GHz 150Mbps, making it suitable for online gaming, HD Video streaming, and upgrading desktop, laptops, and PCs.

Its high dual-speed makes it functional with any Wi-Fi router, even on an extended range with weak signals, thanks to its omnidirectional antenna that is highly effective in increasing coverage and stability.  It is portable and compatible with laptop Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Mac Operating Systems.

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Computer Laptop Stand Under $20


Ergonomics is an important criterion to be considered especially when using mini computers such as laptops. One of the best that you can get without creating a hole in your pocket is the Life Long laptop stand. It is built to provide support and create a relaxing working posture while preventing your laptop from overheating with its cool design.

This laptop stand is compatible with all MacBook and laptops of all sizes, from 10-inch tablets to 17-inch laptops, including MacBook Air, Pro, 10, 13, 15, 15.6, and 17-inch laptops.

It can be easily adjusted to a maximum width of 11” and a maximum height of 7.5” to suit your preference. It can be equally rotated for convenience and can be used as a desk riser or a foldable computer desk.  

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Computer accessories are a great addition that facilitates a smooth workflow both in your home office and business areas.  

Computer accessories are a nice upgrade to improve your productivity, and the amazing thing about it is that you do not have to spend a fortune to get them. 

Contrary to what some people might think, less expensive doesn’t mean it is less functional or unreliable because there are tons of devices whose functions exceed its price.

I hope that the contents of this article were helpful in your search for computer accessories that are below $20. If you still want to check out more options, you’ll find them on

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